Spectacular performances expected at DIFC 2015

Teams from South Africa, Poland, Australia, the USA and the host team Da Nang-Viet Nam are expected to produce special, creative and magnificent performances at the Da Nang International Fireworks Competition 2015 (DIFC 2015) next week.

This statement was made by Mr Joe Ghazzal, the Director of Global2000 International Company from Malaysia, the consultants for the event, during his interview with a reporter from the Da Nang Newspaper.

Mr Ghazzal revealed that the performance by the USA team will feature impressive pyrotechnic waterfall effects, whilst the Australian team will show off special rotating fireworks firing systems.

He added that this will be the first time that team South Africa has participated in DIFC. After their spectacular displays at the opening and closing ceremonies of the FIFA World Cup 2010 in South Africa, the newcomers are expected to thrill the audience with a new and special performance.

In addition, the team from Poland, which has been crowned champions at many previous international competitions, is expected to enchant spectators with a spectacular light and sound show. The host team Da Nang-Viet Nam has participated in the event on all the previous 6 occasions, and its performance skills have improved significantly over those years.

Mr Ghazzal noted that the main difference between this year’s event and those of previous years is that the preparatory work is better, more careful and quicker. In particular, the surface of the Han River Port has already been levelled and some of the storehouses there have already been removed. This has allowed the firework firing areas to be expanded, allowing the participating teams to produce special and larger-scale performances.

He remarked that DIFC is considered the world’s most high-end competition because spectators have an opportunity to enjoy all of the performances by the 5 teams across 2 consecutive evenings. In contrast, fireworks competitions in other countries usually take place on 2 non-consecutive days and, therefore, spectators tend to just watch one evening’s displays.

Spectacular performances expected at DIFC 2015
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