RANG: A Culinary Fusion Haven in Danang, Vietnam

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Nestled in the bustling city of Danang, Vietnam, RANG stands as a beacon of culinary innovation, offering a one-of-a-kind dining experience that seamlessly blends the vibrant flavors of Indian and Mediterranean cuisines.

As the Pioneer of fusion Indian restaurant in Vietnam, RANG is a testament to the rich diversity of tastes and cultures that come together to create a harmonious culinary symphony.

RANG’s international appeal lies in its ability to transcend borders and offer an authentically Indian experience that resonates with diners from around the globe. Crafted by a team of internationally trained chefs and hospitality experts, each dish at RANG is a masterpiece that displays the best of Indian flavors with a modern twist, reflecting a commitment to excellence and creativity.

Led by head chef Sohan,Bisht whose years of  International 5-star experience infuse every creation with a unique twist, RANG’s menu is a culinary journey that caters to all palates. From traditional Indian delicacies to contemporary Mediterranean-inspired dishes, RANG offers a diverse selection that includes options for vegans, vegetarians, Jains, and those seeking Halal choices. The innovative Kids Menu not only delights young diners but also educates them about the wonders of Indian and Mediterranean cuisine.

Complementing the exquisite menu is RANG’s impressive drink selection, featuring fine artisanal wines, beverages and cocktails that represented by seven distinctive colors and paired with unique spices. RANG has elevated the drinking and dining expressed in a colorful manner.

The ambiance at RANG is a perfect blend of cultural charm and cozy sophistication, setting the stage for any gathering, whether it’s a romantic evening, a family outing, or a group celebration. With spacious seating for up to 60 guests, and it’s open show kitchen, RANG ensures a memorable dining experience for all.

Discover the unparalleled fusion of Indian and Mediterranean flavors at RANG in Danang, Vietnam. With its internationally inspired cuisine, diverse beverage selection, and inviting ambiance, RANG promises a culinary adventure that transcends borders and delights the senses. Join us at RANG for a dining experience unlike any other, where each dish tells a story of cultural harmony and culinary innovation.

Address 384 Vo Nguyen Giap, My An Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District, Da Nang City, Vietnam
Email: dine@the-rang.com
Phone +84 8661 41217

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