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We recommend that visitors should buy travel insurance before coming to Da Nang, Vietnam. Besides, check with insurance company about insurance domain in case of 24 hours emergency and contact number. When you are in Da Nang, please keep insurance file as well as hotline of insurance company to use in case of emergency.
Some basic benefits of insured tourists:
– Emergency medical treatment accident, illness (hospitalization, surgery costs, medical costs).
– Personal accident.
– Permanent disability cases.
– Emergency relief cost (This benefit is only applied when traveling abroad).
– In addition, every insurance company or different insurance packages provide different benefits like: assistance in finding lost luggage, lost identity papers, terrorism risk, legal advice, …

Có thể bạn thích?

[wptab name=”Currency”]


Dong (VND) is Vietnamese currency unit. Abbreviated to “d“
Banknotes come in denominations of 1,000d; 2,000d; 5,000d; 10,000d; 20,000d; 50,000d; 100,000d; 200,000d and 500,000d
1 USD ~ 22,000 VND

The banknotes are used with various colors. More information about coins and banknotes of Da Nang here.

1000 VND1-ngan-viet-nam-dong
2000 VND2-ngan-viet-nam-dong
5000 VND5-ngan-viet-nam-dong
10.000 VND10-ngan-viet-nam-dong
20.000 VND20-ngan-viet-nam-dong
50.000 VND50-ngan-viet-nam-dong
100.000 VND100-ngan-viet-nam-dong
200.000 VND200-ngan-viet-nam-dong
500.000 VND500-ngan-viet-nam-dong

Currency exchange
You can change money to VND at any legal bank, currency exchange services. At Da Nang International Airport, exchange counters are open 24/7. You can also change money at many jewellery shops of the city.

Credit cards
Almost banks and hotels accept payment by international credit cards like VISA, MasterCard. There are credit cards acceptance signs at the entrance or reception desks.


ATM locations in Da Nang:


Address: 48 Tran Phu st

Address: 482 Hoang Dieu  st

Address: 276 Hung Vuong st


Address: 153 Le Dinh Ly st

Address: 102 -106 Nguyen Van Linh  st

Address: 386 Hoang Dieu st

Address: 74 Bach Dang st

Address: 97 Phan Chu Trinh st


Address: 33 Hung Vuong st

Address: 298 Trung Nu Vuong st

Address: 244-248 Nguyen Van Linh st


[wptab name=”Holiday”]

Most of tourist destinations, restaurants and stores are open during the holidays.

Major holidays in Da Nang

NameTimeMeaningDays off
New YearJanuary 1stInternational Holiday1
Lunar New YearFrom December 30th (or December 29th) to January 3rd following Lunar CalendarTraditional Holiday7-10
Hung Kings’s Temple FestivalMarch 10th (Lunar Calendar)Pay tribute to Hung Kings who are the founders of the nation1
Liberation DayApril 30thEnd of Vietnam war1
International Labor DayMay 1stCelebration oflaborers around the world1
Independence DaySeptember 2ndCelebration of Ho Chi Minh’s IndependenceDeclaration1


[wptab name=”Health”]

Da Nang Hospitals provide outstanding health-care services. First aid and emergency treatment will be served at public hospitals and the visitors don’t have to pay immediately.

List of hospitals in Da Nang:

 Public hospitalsName
 1Da Nang Hospital

Address: 124 Hai Phong st

Phone: 0511.3826755

C Hospital

Address: 122 Hai phong st

Phone : 05113821480

 2Traditional medicine Hospital

Address: 09 Tran Thu Do st – Cam Le

Phone: 05113696043

Eyes Hospital

Address: 68 Phan Dang Luust

Phone: 05113624283

 3C17 Hospital  (V Zone)

Address: 2 Nguyen Huu Thost

Phone: 05113615484

199 Hospital  (Ministry of Police)

Address: 216 Nguyen Cong Tru st

Phone: 05113940460

Private hospitalsName
 1Hoan My Hospital

Address: 161 Nguyen Van Linh st

Phone: 05113650676

Binh Dan Hospital

Address: 376 Tran Cao Van st

Phone: 05113714031

 2Vinh Toan Hospital

Address: 49 Le Duan st

Phone: 05113892920

Nguyen Van Thai Hospital

Address: 02 Tran Quang Dieu st

Phone: 05113944346

Medicine centreName
 1Emergency centre

Address: 126 Hai Phong st

Phone: 115

Family clinic

Address: 50-52 Nguyen Van Linh st

Phone: 0511.3582699/091397303


[wptab name=”Security”]

Da Nang was known as a safe place all day and night. Police officers make regular patrols in the professional way and they are willing to help. Be assured that Da Nang is safe and keeps you away from stealing.

* Safety tips when travelling in Danang

– Keep your money, valuables and identity documents in safe place

– Be careful in crowded tourist area

– Be careful with suspicious invitations and temptations

– Be watchful against invitations to gamble or investment

Emergency phone numbers

Police: 113

Fire: 114

Ambulance: 115

Telephone directory: 116

Area code: 05113

Da Nang Visitor Center: 0511 3550111

Inquiry: 1080

Information Center at Da Nang International Airport: 0511 3616256



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