Get ready for Aavalokitesvara Festival 2014

Avalokitesvara Festival this year will have the representatives from Thailand to elevate the festival to the world’s Buddhist heritage. This information is presented at Avalokitesvara Festival 2014 Celebrating Plan Conference on 14/2.

Avalokitesvara Festival 2014 will take place in 3 days, from 17/3 to 19/3 (for 17, 18 and February 19 in lunar calendar) at the main venue will be at precinct of Quan The Am Temple (Hoa Hai Ward , Ngu Hanh Son District) and the sub-venue will be at The Marble Mountain Management Board, Su Van Hanh St, Le Van Hien St …

According to the Organizing Committee, this year, beside Worshiping Avalokitesvara (formal ceremony) taking place at 7 pm on 19/3 (19/2 in lunar calendar) at the Quan The Am Temple stage, Spring Ritual for social stability (at on 17/3); Buddha Dais, praying in Theravada Buddhism (at 7 am on 18/3); blessing ceremony about the meaning of Śarīra (Buddhist relics) (18-3 at the 14-hour day). In addition, in 3 days the festival will have activities, exciting contests for the people and visitors, such as flower lanterns festival, traditional boat racing, calligraphy exhibition, sports contests, traditional martial arts demonstrations …

Especially this year, representatives from Thailand and Buddhists will participate in the festival and blessing ceremony of the meaning of Śarīra-pearl (Buddhist relics) presented by The Patriarch of Royal Thaland. In addition, they also participate in praying in Theravada Buddhism and meditation. According to Venerable Thich Hue Vinh, the participation from Thailand representatives is not only a Buddhism cultural exchange activity but also as an opportunity to promote, elevate Avalokitesvara Festival to the world’s Buddhist heritage.

Avalokitesvara Festival is the oldest festival in Danang and one of the 15 biggest festivals throughout the country. This is the cultural activities of the community, to meet the needs of cultural and spiritual activities, religious beliefs of the people, thus contributing to preserving and promoting ethnic identity. It’s an opportunity to promote the images of the city and tourism products to domestic and international tourists.

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Get ready for Aavalokitesvara Festival 2014
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