Danang is a safe destination

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Đà Nẵng là điểm đến an toàn

The Covid-19 outbreak has been strongly influencing tourism industry nationwide as well as Danang. However, up to now, Danang has well controlled and prevented the epidemic together with promting tourism.

Da Nang La Diem Den An Toan 04

That’s why international tourist arrivals, specifically European tourists still choose Danang to enjoy the fresh air and participate in beach sports.

Da Nang La Diem Den An Toan 010

The weather in Danang around February is pleasant and warm enough for wandering around and emerging in the natural sites.

Da Nang La Diem Den An Toan 09

On the beach, there witnesses tourists still sit down for sighseeing one of the most beautiful beaches in the world while others lie down and adore sunbath on the clean and sandy beach.

Paragliding and surfing are among the favourite sports for European tourists.

Da Nang La Diem Den An Toan 014

The sport equipment in front of Holiday Beach Danang Hotel and Resort are also attracted plent of sport people.

The tourists have shared that they researched the risks and the Coronavirus transmission before arriving Vietnam. For better prevenion, they pay more attention in any objects they touched such as the thumb door and staircase and restricted gathering at crowded public places. People still prefer going to the fresh and sunshine areas.

Da Nang La Diem Den An Toan 012 2

Warm weather and well-managed prevention of the outbreak in Danang allows tourist to relax on the beach. According to the staff working at the seafront, the first few days saw significant drop in tourist arrivals. However, international tourists from South Korea and Europe has stayed calm and gone to the coastline as usual.

Da Nang La Diem Den An Toan 013

The magnificient beach, picturesque moutains and famous historic sites still attract international and domestic tourists.

Da Nang La Diem Den An Toan 03

Danang tourism firmly manages Covid-19 outbreak and promptly informs tourists all updates of the virus, the progress and warning of Ministry of Health to maintain safety at all attractions in Danang.

Luong Vy – Danang is a safe destination.

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