Expeditiously Implement Measures to Prevent and Control Covid-19 pandemic


Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee requires people to frequently wash their hands with soap or disinfectant solution; wear a mask in public; keep a safe distance when contacting with others; do not gather over 30 people in public places, outside the workplace, schools, hospitals; Keep a distance of at least 1 meter in contact.

On July 26, the Danang People’s Committee issued Official Letter No. 4869 / UBND-SYT regarding urgently deploying measures to prevent and control the COVID-19 epidemic in the new situation, which required the suspension of a number of activities to limit crowds.

The People’s Committee of Da Nang requests departments, agencies under the City People’s Committee, People’s Committees of districts as well as associations, mass organizations, central agencies, universities, colleges, educational institutions and vocational training units in the city to continuously implement the Directive No. 19 / CT-TTg dated April 24, 2020 of the Prime Minister on the continued implementation of prevention and control of COVID-19 in the new situation.

The duration is from 13:00 on July 26, 2020 until further notice.

Suspend festive activities, religious ceremonies and crowded events

The City People’s Committee decided to suspend festivals, religious ceremonies, sports tournaments and crowded events in public places and stadiums along with unnecessary large events; suspend operations of non-essential service businesses (amusement parks, entertainment centers, beauty facilities, karaoke, massage parlors, bars, dance halls, etc.).

In addition, business and service establishments (wholesalers, retailers, lotteries, hotels, accommodation establishments, restaurants, bars …), sport training areas and relics carry on operation but must take measures to ensure safety such as: providing protective equipment for employees, measuring the temperature of visitors; arranging adequate means and supplies to wash hands, disinfect the establishment and ensure distance upon contact.

The operation of inter-provincial transport is continued but the measures to ensure safety against COVID-19 are strictly executed in accordance with the regulations of the authorities.

In addition, there must reduce the number of students in the classroom and dislocate school hours, lunches and group activities to ensure no mass gatherings; disinfect classroom; apply online learning and implement preventive measures for students.

The heads of agencies, units, organizations and establishments are responsible for formulating working plans for agencies and units in a way that ensures safety for officials; do not organize unnecessary meetings and conferences, do not delay work, especially time-concerning tasks as prescribed by law and public services to serve people and businesses.

For essential political, economic and social purposes events, they must be decided by the Party committees and local authorities and take measures to prevent infections such as wearing masks, wash hands, carry out health supervision; no parties or celebrations.

Urgently organize investigation and contact-tracing.

The City People’s Committee assigned the Department of Health to urgently organize epidemiological investigations at all areas and cases related to patients with COVID-19 to apply zoning measures and isolation; urgently develop a plan to closely monitor cases of symptoms of fever, cough, shortness of breath, etc. in the community, and take large-scale samples with appropriate methods to identify the source of infection, not to miss high-risk cases, early detect infectious groups to apply appropriate medical interventions.

The City People’s Committee also assigned the Department of Health to coordinate with the authorities to closely monitor isolation areas related to patients; formulate plans and propose the application of measures to isolated areas in case of necessity; mobilize all resources to coordinate with the National functional agencies to actively treat and cure patients with the highest determination; strictly organize the processes of detoxification, disinfection, prevention against epidemics in high-risk areas.

In addition, the City People’s Committee requests the Department of Health to provide the Department of Information and Communications with updates regarding epidemiological factors, test results, patient’s condition and other relevant information to timely notify the public to proactively coordinate with functional agencies to implement disease prevention and control measures. Meanwhile, Department of Health should be in charge of adequate material facilities and medical equipment necessary for the prevention and control of epidemics.

Suspend welcoming tourists to Da Nang within 14 days from July 26, 2020

Department of Information and Communications takes responsibility for presiding over and coordinating with the Department of Health, the City Police Department and relevant agencies and units to provide information on the epidemiological history and patient exposure process to the people, proactively coordinate with functional agencies, provide information and advice on appropriate prevention and control measures; continue to disseminate, guide people with knowledge and skills to protect themselves and their families, raise awareness in disease prevention and control; immediately apply information technology applications in COVID-19 prevention and control such as BlueZone and Ncovi; coordinate with the City Police and relevant functional units in promptly solutions according to regulations for cases of spreading false information, distorting or fabricating, affecting epidemic prevention and control in the city.

In particular, the Department of Tourism collaborates with business units, travel services, tour operators, accommodation facilities, destinations, attractions, tourist transport businesses and other entities to suspend the reception of tourists to Da Nang within 14 days from July 26, 2020 to ensure safety for guests and the community until further notice. Particularly for the accommodation establishments, during the above-mentioned suspension period, in special cases, they are required to report to the Department of Tourism and People’s Committees of districts for competent authorities’ opinions.

Department of Industry and Trade shall take charge and coordinate with relevant agencies and units to ensure personal essential necessities and provide meals for isolation in the West of the city.

Department of Education coordinates with Department of Health to implement measures to prevent and control COVID-19 epidemic at the facilities of family, preschool, kindergarten … groups as prescribed; implement effective social distancing (mobilizing all facilities of schools to arrange test venues when necessary) to ensure epidemic prevention and control in the upcoming High School Graduation exam; temporarily suspend tutoring activities until further notice.

City police focused on reviewing the subjects of foreigners entering illegally in the area, conducting isolation at accommodation facilities (isolation costs paid by the quarantine themselves), taking test samples for these subjects. Disclose information about foreigners who illegally enter as prescribed.

The City People’s Committee assigns relevant departments, agencies and localities to coordinate with the Department of Health and the City Police to supervise the implementation of COVID-19 epidemic prevention and control measures in their respective localities and promptly detect and strictly tackle violations of epidemic prevention and control according to law provisions.

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