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Quan The Am Festival attracts large number of visitors

Since being recognised in 2000 as one of Viet Nam’s top 15 national-level spiritual festivals, the annual Quan The Am (Avalokitesvara) Festival has drawn a great deal of attention from local residents and Buddhist followers from the city and elsewhere.

A performance by artistes from the Nguyen Hien Dinh Tuong Theatre

The Festival, held in the Ngu Hanh Son/Marble Mountains area, began on Tuesday and ends today (16 March).

The large number of visitors has led to an increase in the number of eating, drinking and souvenir stalls along Su Van Hanh in Ngu Hanh Son District.  Most notably, all the stalls are displaying the prices of their services, and they are selling them at those prices.

Mr Nguyen Hoa, Vice Chairman of the district’s People’s Committee, said that on 14 and 15 March the sub-committees for reception-logistics, culture-sports-tourism, social security, environmental hygiene, and health had all fulfilled their assigned tasks well.

Their particular focus was on ensuring the smooth movement of vehicles, and food safety and hygiene at the eating and drinking stores.  Strong measures were taken to stop littering, the harassment of tourists, the operation of street vendors, the illegal trade in fish and birds for release, the burning of votive papers, any increase in parking fees, and the distribution of illegal documents which negatively affect Vietnamese customs and traditions.

Over the past 2 days, a number of solemn Buddhist rituals have taken place.  Included were a Buddhist flag raising ceremony, an incense-offering ceremony in commemoration of Princess Huyen Tran, a ceremony to pray for peace and safety throughout the year, and a ceremony to pay tribute to those who founded the Non Nuoc stone carving handicraft.

Apart from these rituals, visitors to the festival had the opportunity to enjoy the Japanese arts of Ikebana flower arranging, fan dancing, and calligraphy.  They were also treated to a fascinating traditional Indian dance performed by a daughter of the Indian Ambassador to Viet Nam, Parvathaneni Harish.

On 15 March, as many as 1,000 runners from some of the city’s armed forces, departments, agencies, and schools took part in a run for peace.  The event aimed to promote the sporting spirit as well as strengthen solidarity amongst the participating units.

Today, the final day of the festival, the Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva Statue procession took place.  Following that, visitors were immersed in the ebullient atmosphere of a traditional boat race on the Co Co River, plus other cultural activities.

(Source: Danang Today)

Quan The Am Festival attracts large number of visitors
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