Art Exhibition “Danang Tui”

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“Da Nang Tui” is a youth-run project, whose main activity is to host a modern and creative art exhibition.

Art Exhibition "Danang Tui"

With many modern and highly interactive technologies that reflect the image of a developing and integrating Da Nang, the project is hoped to show the image of the city via multi-dimensional view which exposes both modern and traditional features of Da Nang, inspire young enthusiastic artists & spread good values to the community as well as promoting a true “dynamic” Danang image.

  • Time:  25, 26, 27.5 .2018.
  • Địa điểm:Metiz Cinema, Helio Center.

Exhibition works

3D Mapping

Art Exhibition "Danang Tui" 2

Viewers will get a bird’s eyes view of the city which includes the unique bridges on Han River and the remarkable buildings in Da Nang City.

Popup Book

The pop-up book unveils miniature paper replicas of 14 remarkable landmarks in the Da Nang city and can be viewed from various angles in order to make them more visual and attractive to readers.

Art Exhibition "Danang Tui" 3

Clay model

The works include the miniatures of the famous places such as Long Coffee Shop, Le Do Movie Theater and Ong Ti Bread Store.

Art Exhibition "Danang Tui" 4

3D augmented reality

The works uses 3D augmented reality to illustrate three main bridges which are Han Bridge, Dragon Bridge, Tran Thi Ly Bridge. Therefore, the viewers can interact, watch the bridges with the different view and angles.

Come and join us to immerse yourself in an innovative and novel art space, promising to bring a familiar-but-somehow-new Danang image to exhibition-goers.

Email: [email protected]
Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/danangtui/

Art Exhibition “Danang Tui”
Art Exhibition “Danang Tui”
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