“The world longest spring roll” event

“The world longest spring roll” event
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At 6AM this morning, the 5th June 2014, 500 people were at Hyatt Regency Da Nang resort to take part in “The world longest spring roll” Guinness Record event, including 200 foreign tourists who are specialists, top managers in the tourism, aviation sector and 300 students from Duy Tan university and Pegasus International School.

This event was in the series of activities of APOT.Asia International Forum 2014 from the 3rd to the 5th June. Besides activities such as Chef competition, Golf competition, trade show and exhibition, the Forum was an opportunity for professionals to exchange their ideas and communicate their experiences.

APOT.Asia (Asia Pacific Onboard Travel) is a non-profitable organization of the Airline industry in the Asia Pacific region; all the members are from in-flight service management, service providers, airlines catering management, sales management and tourism services, media partners, hotel management in the region. APOT.Asia works with the aim of improving the quality of flight services through exchanges, regular dialogues, thereby also enhancing the reputation of the region, to support and promote products and destinations to business professionals and companies around the world.

With the financial support of Korean Air, the support from Danang City People’s Committee and the coordination of Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism, the event has attracted attention of the media, TV, reporters, thereby contributing to promote Danang tourism to international friends.

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