The Vietnam biggest Tulip Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills

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The Vietnam biggest Tulip Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills

Over 1 million tulips will bloom in the colorful and unique landscape on the Peak of Nui Chua Nature Reserve, at Sun World Ba Na Hills. The massive landscape of tulip surely will be the unforgettable experience for the guests at the Vietnam biggest tulip festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills.

Starting from 14th February to 31st March 2019, the flower festival “The Flower Land” will turn Sun World Ba Na Hills into the magic “Little Holland” with over 1 million colorful tulips which are showcased at the traditional-look corners along with the special performance.

Tulip is the icon of the pretty Holland, symbolizing for the prosperty, love and eternality as it blooms in spring – the season of birth. Therefore, it has been chosen as the “prominent character” of the Flower Festival this year. With more than 1 million tulips, this will be the largest ever tulip festival in Viet Nam.

More than 15 types of famous tulip festivals from around the world, even the first kind of tulip in Viet Nam such as Flash point, Green Dance, Indiana, Purple Valley, Negrita… will show off their beauty during this festival. All flowers seeds have been imported directly from Holland and grown in Da Lat – the place with the most ideal weather to grow tulips.

In particular, among million tulip flowers, there are plenty of flowers grown right at Ba Na – “the second Da Lat in Viet Nam”. Furthermore, these seeds exist only in Ba Na, namely Strong Gold, Spryng Break, Alibi, Yellow Flight, White Liberstar…

Ba Na peak has transformed into the heaven of tulip. The bright red, the innocent white, the strong yellow, the cute pink, the delicate violet tulips will shape the paradise of flowers for the guests.

The Love Garden Le Jardin d’amour will be even more vibrant and brighter with the endless layers of tulips. The guests will get lost in the tulip wonderland once entering the garden of couples or the garden of Dream Spring with 9 layers of 9 tulip types.

These vivid and beautiful tulips also express the dreamy stories of love, union and family…at the unique landscape like Du Dome Square and the Promise Square.

Among the fresh and luminous atmostphere of million tulips, there is excited and happy melody of the colorful Carnivals. The European Artists will dress in flowery outfit, and tell the guests the story of beautiful tulips.

Then, the guests can enjoy distinctive music performance that could satisfy the ears and eyes. This is also the cool way to enjoy the spring at the most distinguished flower festival in Viet Nam, at the peak of 1.487 meters.

Sun World Ba Na Hills has been well-known as the heaven of the jubilant festivals. Here, at any time, the guests will “get lost” in these diverse festivals, namely the Beer Festival in summer, the warm and joyful winter festival, or flower festival during spring. At each festival, the guest will observe different version of Ba Na Hills, more unique and more attractive. To the guests, Sun World Ba Na Hills will never fail to seduce them.

Thuy Vy – The Vietnam biggest Tulip Festival at Sun World Ba Na Hills

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