Promoting environmental protection

Da Nang’s Son Tra Peninsula is seeing an increasing number of visitors from both home and abroad.

This attraction site, however, has been littered with numerous plastic bags, empty beer cans, and water bottles left by the visitors. In addition, many of the city’s seaside resorts and restaurants have yet to pay enough attention to environmental protection. In particular, wastewater discharged from these places is not yet always treated effectively.

In an effort to improve the situation, many of the city’s travel agencies have launched eco-tourism tours including walking, taking cyclos around the city, and diving to explore the coral reefs.

In addition, every Sunday, members of the city’s For Blue Sea Club are actively involved in cleaning up the environment by collecting rubbish on local beaches and along the road to the peninsula. Last year, the club’s members planted 2,000 casuarina trees along the T20 and T18 beaches, and they widely publicised environmental protection activities to local residents nearby.

In addition, environmental management teams have been established by the Management Board of the Son Tra Peninsula and Da Nang Tourism Beaches. The teams take responsibility for keeping a close eye on rubbish collections at the Service Factory No 1, and raising public awareness about maintaining environmental hygiene at the local beaches.

Apart from conveying environmental protection messages through loudspeakers at the local beaches, the board has installed 100 inox waste bins, 40 more penguin-shaped, and 40 large ones to collect rubbish at crowded places.

A programme entitled “Working Together to Protect the Beach Tourism Environment” is being launched in the city. Under the programme, a number of video clips and leaflets have been used to educate local residents about the things which are allowed and not allowed on the Son Tran Peninsula and local beaches. In addition, a total of 6 “tree bridges” have been established in the Son Tra natural conservation area to allow the douc langurs to move across roads, and to create a new tourism product for visitors to the area.

Promoting environmental protection
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