Pinwheel arranging and art display

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The event is held with theme ‘Sunrise Season’, by Center for Events and Festivals, with vivid and colorful display.

  • Time: 3pm, 31st March and 9pm, 1st April
  • Venue: Han River bank, Tran Hung Dao St.


Thousands of colorful pinwheels will be displayed as a spiral galaxy, an inspirational light installation which will curates visitors’ curiosity and imagination.

At the center of the spiral lies a boat object (designed and crafted in impressionism style). This boat figure will be stabled from a 1.5-meter height, creating a sense of suspension in the air. The boat will be decorated with thousands of balloons and threads, which together form a romantic, high-flying and surreal effect.

The pinwheels’ mesmerizing spiral pattern, with a stunning impression of the centerpiece boat, will form an interaction between participants and the artwork itself.

Nhi Cao – Pinwheel arranging and art display


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