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New direct route Incheon – Da Nang is to be launched by Eastar Jet

New direct route Incheon – Da Nang is to be launched by Eastar Jet
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Founded since 2007 with 1000-staff crew and a fleet of 17 civil aircrafts, the Korean airline has been operating flights from Ho Chi Minh city, Ha Noi to Incheon and back. The new service will operate on a 189-seat Boeing B737-800 from 14/6/2017 with daily departures.

New direct route Incheon – Da Nang is to be launched by Eastar Jet

Da Nang Tourism Department – In the first quarter of 2017, the number of arrivals from Korea reached 191,483 passengers, an increase by 90% from 2016. There are currently 3 year-round flights from Korea to Da Nang: Incheon – Da Nang (provided by 7 carriers); Busan – Da Nang (operated by 2 carriers); Daegu – Da Nang (provided by 1 carrier) and 1 charter flight route Muan – Da Nang (operated by 1 carrier). The total flights per week amounts to 72 operations, with Seat Occupancy Rate ranging from 80 to 90% (160-170 passengers per flight).

This new route commencement will mark Eastar Jet as the 8th airline carrier to operate on Incheon – Da Nang route (together with Korean Air, Asiana Airlines, Vietnam Airlines, Vietjet Air, Jeju Air, Jin Air and T’way), making the number of flights on this route 56 flights per week.

Incheon – Da Nang flight timetable, starting from 14/6/2017:

 Flight NumberRouteFrequencyOperation starts fromArrival time


Departure time


Arriving flightZE591ICN-DADDaily14/06/201721:10
Departing flightZE592DAD-ICNDaily14/06/201722:30
Arriving flightZE593ICN-DADDaily21/06/201723:10
Departing flightZE594DAD-ICNDaily21/06/201700:10+
Arriving flightZE595ICN-DADDaily01/07/201712:30


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