Many attractive activities in Danang Summer Destination 2015

Danang – Summer Destination 2015, annual chain of tourism events to for Danang beach Tourism Brand Positioning officially launched at 19:00 PM on June 26th 2015

Taking place from June 22nd to July 1st 2015, Danang – Summer Destination 2014 is a chain of events of culture, sports and tourism which is annual organized to attract local and tourists in Danang city on Summer 2015. It is also an opportunity for tourism enterprises in Danang to share experiences. The event is expected to increase sea products’s promotion for Danang to become a city of events.

Time : From June 22nd to July 1st 2015, focus on five main days: June 26th ,27th 28th ,29th and 30th 2015
Venue : Most of activities take place at East Sea Park – Pham Van Dong Beach
Highlight activities: (attached agenda file)

From May this year, Organizers officially launch content and agenda of activities for Danang – Summer Destination 2015. The event continues to organize attractive activities for tourists as last year such as: Cuisine Cultural Festival, Fashion and Souvenirs Shops of big scale, Bartender Competition, Danang Tourism PhotographyExhibition, Eating Competition. It also brings by lots of sport program such as: X-game Show, Football Art, BMX, Stake-boarding, RCAirCraft Performance. Especially Kayak is an attractive kind of tourism product to highly promote recently. Kayaking on Han River to enjoy scenery along riverside is a wonderful experience for tourists.

The event usually attracts family tourist, hence organizers decided to launch two new activities for them including Small Games for Family like Mini Basket Ball, Bottle Water Filling, Bag Jumping, Photography and Art Face Drawing

This year, after Iron Man event on May 2015, Danang – Summer Destination have organized some attractive sport activities such as National Beach Soccer Cup ( from June 26th to July 6th ), National Cycling Cup and National Sport Motorcycles Festival


Color Me Run is the most colorful running event in Vietnam. By joining the event, you can expect to fully experience a 5km colorful jogging, walking or running and enjoy being doused head to toe in different colors at each kilometer. In the theme of “WE”LL BE UNITED”, Color Me Run coming in Danang City on June 27th 2015 will bring you an unforgettable experience.

Share your wonderful moments with family and friends at the most colorful running event in Vietnam. Color Me Run 2015 will be a big color invasion in order to get an unforgettable weekend.


• Time: 8:00AM– 8.00 PMon July 1st 2015
• Venue: East Sea Park, Son Tra District, Danang
• Numbers of team:26 teams
• Participant: All chefs in resorts, hotels, tourism university and free participants of Central Region

Be one of activities in Danang – Summer Destination Program, Danang MasterChef Open VII – Sunhouse Cup with “ Food for Danang Tourists” theme which is organized by Danang Center for Tourism Promotion and supported by Asian – European School will occur on July 1st 2015 in Danang

Danang MasterChef Open VII – Sunhouse Cup is an annual event of Danang to honor chefs and emphasize important roles of chefs to promote Danang cuisine to local and foreigners and a chance for chefs to network , share experiences and enhance knowledge and skills

This year, with the attendance of “ Huong Nghiep A – Au” School as co-organizer and judges of “ Master Chefs” including David Thai, Michael Bao Huynh, Nguyen Thanh Tung, this event is expected to attract lots of participant.
Beside Danang MasterChef Open VII – Sunhouse Cup, tourists also take part in small games during the Competition such as beer drinking, hot-dogs and photos taking at Food Show Area ( All detailed information is written on Posters of the event)


Bartender Competition V officially takes place at 6.00 PM on June 30th 2015 on main stage of East Sea Park. It is a chance for Danang Bartenders to network, share and enhance skills.

The competition is an annual event to bring bartender performances become familiar with locals and visitors, also generate creative and unique cocktail for Drinks

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Many attractive activities in Danang Summer Destination 2015
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