Healthyfarm Farmers Market 24th September

Healthyfarm Farmers Market 24th September
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Healthyfarm farmers market 24th September

Healthyfarm is a social enterprise developed by Evergreen Labs, a Danang-based company, and focuses on addressing food security. provides a combined solution: both an online platform for purchasing clean, safe food and an offline farmers market. The online platform is accessible at while the farmers market is held on the last Sunday of every month.

Healthyfarm made the first steps towards improving food security in Vietnam by hosting eight clean food markets in Da Nang from November 2016 to August 2017. In total, over 5.5 tons of produce and food have been sold and nearly 11,000 visitors have visited the market.

This time we welcomed 38 vendors and 2 workshops, 12 of them had their
produce and products sold out. Healthyfarm farmers market has received a lot of encouragement and support not only from our customers and vendors, but also from the Trading Department and City Authority.

We also extend special thanks to our sponsor, 7 Bridges Brewing – the first brewery in Danang, supplying high quality bottled beers in Hanoi and Da Nang. 7 Bridges Brewing is very active in participating in exchange events in this city and targeting a product model that is tailored to the needs of the Vietnamese people.

The latest Healthyfarm farmers market was held on August 27th, from 8h00 -19h00 under Tran Thi Ly Bridge, next to Euro Village. Both vendors from the last event and newly sourced vendors attended this market. In addition, this month’s market continued an effort to expand our audience: the event was planned to open until 9pm with live music,
art workshops, and many more activities, however due to the torrential rain at late evening, we had to close the market earlier at 7pm.

Visitors had a chance to enjoy yummy food while swinging to the rhythm of music by a foreign DJ. Parents also found educational yet fun activities for their kids, including: coloring activities at the art corner under the instruction of a foreign art teacher and playing with creative wood bars.

Danang citizens, expats as well as tourists had the opportunity to directly purchase local produce, handmade products and food for themselves and their families from farms and producers across central Vietnam. This market was also a place to hang out for everyone from all walks of life and ranges of age!

Join us in creating a green and healthy living environment in central Vietnam!

For more information: website:
Farmer’s Market Facebook page:
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