Golden Bridge’s got its name on reputable architecture website

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Sun World Bana Hills: Golden Bridge’s got its name on reputable architecture website

The world’s top architecture website https://www.archdaily.com has displayed the photos of Golden Bridge at Sun World Ba Na Hills to hundred thousands of readers around the world, via their latest article on 25 July about “the bridge with a daring design in Vietnam”.

After reaching a record 15 million views on fanpage Amazing Things in Vietnam, the Golden Bridge of Sun World Ba Na Hills has immediately appeared on many famous design websites in the world.

Especially, on 25/07/2018, the information and best photos of the bridge were uploaded on the reputable https://www.archdaily.com , with title “Vietnam’s Daring Golden Bridge Takes a “Hands-on” Approach to Tourism”.

Archdaily is a global-known architecture website based in The USA. The designs to be displayed on the website have to be the top, most unique works with high aesthetics and ability to create deep impression on the top design experts in the world.

With more than 500,000 readers each day and 160 million views every month (as in 2016), Archdaily is the architecure website with the most readers in the world. This website has also been voted one of the top 5 most famous online magazine by Mashable’s 2009 Open Web Awards.

In its post, Archdaily describe the Golden Bridge: “On the highest mountain of Danang, Vietnam lies a bridge with a unique design. With a winding length of 150 meters, surrounded by beautiful flowers, the Golden Bridge lies on the mountains of Ba Na and embranced by giant hands”.

The Golden Bridge was officially open in June 2018 and is the latest tourism product of Sun World Ba Na Hills. Located in Thien Than Garden, the bridge is considered a special transition point for tourists to move from the French Village to Le Jardin D’Amour garden. The bridge is 12.8 metre wide, 150 metre long  with 8 spans, the longest 21.1 metres.

The most impressive thing to tourists is probably the giant hands holding the bridge. According to TA Landscape Architecture – the design firm of Golden Bridge – the image represents the hands of the God of Mountain,  helping the villages to get to Thien Thai garden.

At the height of 1.414m above sea level, among the beautiful landscapes of Chua Mountain (Sun World Bana Hills), the Golden Bridge brings tourists the impression of getting lost in a fairy land. The daring design of the Golden Bridge is compared by the top architects to Langkawi Sky (Malaysia) – one of the most unique and impressive bridges.

Since its opening, the Golden Bridge has created a viral trend for tourists. Many young adults come to check-in at this unique bridge, and couples have chosen this location to shoot their wedding photos.

The celebrities of Vietnam of course cannot miss such a new trend like Golden Bridge!

In July 2018, the new architecture work has become the special cat-walk runway of many super models in the fashion show “Walking on the clouds”. The images of supermodel Thanh Hang or Miss Vietnam H’Hen Niê walking on the silk-soft bridge in a fairy tale landscape of Ba Na indeed drive fans crazy. The Golden Bridge and sceneries of Ba Na Hills have been the inspiration of many fashion designers at the event.

The Golden Bridge phenomenol has not only increased views for many newspapers of Vietnam, but also created notice from internatiional press. Recently, the new bridge of Danang has been showcased on many architecture and lifestyle websites such as The Space (UK), Creapills (France)…

The appearance of the Golden bridge on the reputable architecture website Archdaily and other international newspapers have once confirmed the uniqueness of the works in Sun World Ba Na Hills. This not only contributes to the development of Danang tourism, but also reconfirms the name of Vietnam on world tourism map, from unique tourism products like Golden Bridge!

Binh Phan – Golden Bridge’s got its name on reputable architecture website – Sun World Bana Hills
Golden Bridge’s got its name on reputable architecture website
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