Experience Italia Cuisine at Furama Resort Danang

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Furama Resort Danang, with the support of Casa Rinaldi and New Viet Diary company, organized its “Italian Cuisine Week” from May 22-25th, 2019 at the Italian restaurant Don Cipriani’s. The dishes will be prepare by the Italian Chef: Simone Bianchi.

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This guest chef from the “spaghetti country” – Simone Bianchi, with his 20 years of working experience at famous global hotels; such as: Park Hyatt Milano (Italy), Casa Rinaldi (Hong Kong), Ciao Chow (Hong Kong); will join his hands with Furama Resort Danang team to introduce to local people a unique culinary journey, including typical Italian dishes, with fresh ingredient imported from his country.

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“The program takes place right before the Danang International Food Festival and Danang International Fireworks Festival with diversify the city’s tourism products during this summer. We hope this program will enrich the culinary and cultural experiences of international and local tourists”. Said Mr. Matthias Wiesmann – General Manager of Furama Resort Danang.

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Spaghetti with Fresh Lobster and Lobster Bisque

During 4 nights of the Italian Cuisine Week, the chef will present a 4-course menu for lunch and 5-course menu for dinner,  featuring Beef tartare with crispy radish and truffle paste, Spaghetti with fresh lobster and lobster bisque, Sautéed lamb loins served with couscous, grapes and red wine sauce or Gnocchi with tuna, citrus fruits and shaved Pecorino, Manicotti alla carbonara di mare – creamy seafood pasta, etc. Lunch and dinner parties are priced at 666,000 VND ++ / person (original price: 805,000 ++) and 999,000 ++ / person (original price: 1,265,000 VND ++).

Furama Resort Danang has also long been famous for its annual culinary and cultural events: Thai, Indian, Hong Kong, Korean, Mexico Cuisine Week; Vietnam Folk Night, Oktoberfest German Beer Festival, TET Village, Exhibitions of Da Nang Old photos, paintings and photos of nature and people.

Huân Nguyễn – Trải nghiệm ẩm thực nước Ý tại Furama Resort Đà Nẵng
Experience Italia Cuisine at Furama Resort Danang
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