Experience Da Nang tourism in Digital Space

Trai Nghiem Du Lich Da Nang Tren Khong Gian So

Da Nang Tourism Promotion Center (under the Department of Tourism) organized the program “Experience Danang tourism in digital space” to introduce the upgraded version “One touch to Da Nang” on VR360 technology and virtual space (metaverse), at the same time deploying Da Nang tourism communication on television channels and e-commerce tourism platforms.

Trai Nghiem Du Lich Da Nang Tren Khong Gian So

Accordingly, in 2022, with the goal of digitizing the destination, the Da Nang tourism industry will focus on implementing communication in 3 main groups of activities, including:


(1) Upgrade and supplement phase 2 of VR360 virtual reality technology: attractions (Ba Na, Museum, Mikazuki, Nui Than Tai Hot Spring, Da Nang at night…); Developing realistic 360-degree videos in detail of Da Nang tourism experiences (paragliding at Son Tra Peninsula, Dragon Bridge spitting fire and water); Launched virtual space “Metaverse Da Nang” with a contactless economy at Dragon Bridge, APEC Park, Love Bridge with outstanding features such as: Setting up an account by yourself in a virtual environment; Communicate, connect with 3D character interface; Voice interaction, screen sharing in 360 space; Organize unlimited virtual reality events and exhibitions at VR Mall space.


(2) Enhance the effectiveness of tourism communication in Da Nang through the presence on the TV system’s promotion channels.


(3) Increase the utility for tourists on the e-commerce tourism platform and, through the stimulus, experience and promotion programs of KOLs; implement digital marketing campaigns to promote tourism and destinations in Da Nang.

Trai Nghiem Du Lich Da Nang Tren Khong Gian So 5

Likewise, at the program, Da Nang Tourism Promotion Center signed a cooperation agreement to promote Da Nang tourism on digital space and television channels with Bizverse Technology Joint Stock Company, Television Corporation Joint Stock Company. Cable Vietnam (VTVCab) and KKDay Vietnam Co., Ltd. to implement a communication program – to stimulate tourism, and promote Da Nang tourism to the domestic and international markets, especially the Northeast Asian market, Southeast Asia (Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, Korea) period from 2022 to 2024.

The tendency of digital transformation has brought the opportunity for Da Nang tourism to get closer to key and potential markets and open up new methods of communication, advancement and promotion through association, association and cooperation with businesses in the field of communication and digital technology. This will contribute to saving the state budget and increasing the effectiveness of tourism destination promotion campaigns in Da Nang in the coming time.


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