December is Sales Promotions and Tourism Stimulus Programme month

December is Sales Promotions and Tourism Stimulus Programme month
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The Da Nang Month for Sales Promotions and Tourism Stimulus Programme 2015, which has ‘Jubilant Sales Promotions – Welcome in the New Year’ as its theme, will take place in the city between 1 and 31 December.

The programme aims to stimulate local consumer demand at the end of the year, and to help participating businesses introduce their products to local customers.

Visitors buying souvenirs at the Da Nang Museum of Cham Sculpture

This year’s event will attract a total of between 150 and 200 local companies, traders and household-based businesses who will offer between 5 and 50% off their products. These include textiles and garments, leather goods and footwear, electronic and electrical items, telecom products, automobiles, motorbikes, interior and exterior decorations, technological products, essential goods, tourism and beauty care services, souvenirs, and specialities. The discount will also be applied to tourism products offered by some of the city’s local travel agencies, restaurants, hotels.

During December, buyers will have the opportunity to take part in a wide range of attractive programmes, including lucky draws and free trials of numerous products.

The city authorities are asking participating businesses to offer their customers high-quality products with a clear source of origin in order to ensure they benefit.


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