Danang as the inspiration in the latest MV of Japanese singer

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On 20/06/2018, Meik – a young talented Japanese singer official released her latest MV “Feeling Good”. The song is a happy tune about love of youth, with beautiful shootings done in Danang city.

The main locations in “Feeling Good” are the attractions of Danang: the white sandy beach, Marble Mountains, Dragon Bridge, Cocobus.. and the streets of Danang, expressed in a new and inspiring angle via the music video.

Danang will continue to be the location for Meik’s future MVs, which is considered a lovely symbol for diplomatic friendship between Japan and Vietnam. Especially, Meik had participated in Vietnam Festival in Japan last 20/5/2018.

The festival with the booth of tourism authorities of Danang, Hue and Quang Nam, together with different tourism businesses has promoted tourism of the 3 provinces to the Japanese locals.

From a young top kid dancer at the age of 5, Meik has become a sensational artist in Japan. In 2013, Meik is known as a member of J-Dee’Z. To continue pursuing her singing passion, Meik started her solo career in 2017, with her songs reaching thounsands of views on Youtube.

Information on Meik:

  • Website http://meik.tokyo/
  • Twitter @meik_0817
  • Instagram @meik_0817
  • YouTube: http://short.danangfantasticity.com/ja1Pf


Binh Phan (Danang as the inspiration in the latest MV of Japanese singer)

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