Clipper Race Round the World 2015 – 2016

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Address: Han River Port, Da Nang City

Date Operation: 17 – 27/02/2016 

About: Clipper Race 2015-2016 is an international Yacht race including 14 yachts with 12 teams from different countries. The Race will start from London, England on August 30, 2015 to travel around the world in 11 months, to 138 countries and stop at 17 famous ports in the world. Da Nang will represent Vietnam to be the first city of a Southeast Asian country as a destination of this event.

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The Clipper Race fleet’s arrival in Da 17/02/2016 is being eagerly awaited by both local residents and visitors, and a wide range of events will take place across the city during its 17 – 27 February stay. Between 20 and 27 February, various activities will be held along both banks of the Han River.Finally, a parade of the racing yachts will take place on the Han River between 7.30pm and 9.00pm on 25 February. At the same time, the dragon’s head at the eastern end of the Rong (Dragon) Bridge will breathe fire and squirt water when the yachts near the bridge. The Clipper Race fleet will leave the city for their next destination on 27 February, and the farewell ceremony will take place at the Han River Port from 10.00am. The race will actually begin once all the boats are offshore.

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