City leader checks preparations for APEC

City leader checks preparations for APEC
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On Tuesday, Da Nang People’s Committee Vice Chairman Mr Nguyen Ngoc Tuan chaired a meeting to check the preparations for the 25th Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit which will take place in the city in October 2017.

The city has developed plans to upgrade 33 major local streets, the Tien Son Sports Arena, and the International Exhibition Fair Centre. The cost of the upgrade will come mainly from central government, whilst the remainder will be from the city’s budget plus donations from local organisations and individuals.

The International Exhibition Fair Centre
The International Exhibition Fair Centre

In addition, a sculpture garden featuring symbols of the 21 APEC countries and territories will be created either at the East Sea Park or on the vacant land area in front of the city’s Administrative Centre, whilst the city’s railway station will be relocated to Lien Chieu District. Construction of the new international terminal at Da Nang International Airport is underway.

Vice Chairman Tuan asked relevant agencies to finalise their action plans and complete their financial estimates of the approved projects before 14 April, and submit them to the local authorities for consideration on 20 April.

The city leader urged the Construction Planning Institute to develop detailed plans for the upgrade of the International Exhibition Fair Centre.

He also suggested that the selection of the location for the sculpture garden should be carefully considered in order to allow heads of state, as well as locals and visitors, to easily reach the site.

(Source: ĐTĐN)

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