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B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017

B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017: A Bavaria on Ba Na Hills with extraordinary beer festival

B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017

From August 1 to September 3 2017, B’estival – a beer festival will be held at Square Du Dome – French village, SunWorld Ba Na Hills. With the spirit of ‘Having fun beyond distance’ in mind, B’estival 2017 is bound to connect all visitors in the exciting atmosphere of drinks, music and evocative dances.

B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017 presents to visitors 2 much-beloved craft beer breweries: Redrock and Gauden – made in Viet Nam using German technology. The handsome and youthful European chaps and girls will serve tourists with the shiny malty aromatic beer pints. To enrich the flavors of the alcoholic drinks, tourists can purchase various food exclusively picked for the festival, such as BBQs, German sausages, salted bread… These dishes shall bring to tourists a lively experience of Western cuisine.

B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017 1

The festivity of the B’estival will heighten with many art performances taking place at Square Du Dome – French village, inviting each and every visitor to engage and experience. Bands with handsome guys will stir up the festival by joyful songs and exhilarating European dances. Last but not least, carnival parade will take over the street at Square Du Dome, adding to the excitement of the festival.

B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017 2

To get fully engaged in the festival, visitors- don’t hesitate to put on traditional German costumes. Sun World Ba Na Hills puts up plenty of clothing counters for costume rental and sale, where you can find colorful dresses designed exclusively for the festival. Visitors can purchase or rent these splashy vibrant costumes to all activities in the festival.

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Apart from the worth-noticing series of activities, Square Du Dome during the festival will take on a whole new appearance with the color of shiny golden beer and malt. Putting on the colorful festival costume, dancing with European performers, tasting finest beers, sway along the dances or even cheer out with friends… B’estival 2017 will definitely be the most unforgettable experience for all tourists this summer.

B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017 4

Consistently organizing many special and large-scaled festivals for tourists from different parts of the world to have new and unique experience, Sun World Ba Na Hills always invests in quality in every service product, to live up to its title ‘Vietnam’s top tourist attraction’ awarded by Vietnam National Administration of Tourism. With the festival atmosphere, the charms of 4 seasons, Sun World Ba Na Hills has been and shall forge its originality and uniqueness, making Da Nang ‘Top city of festivals and events in Asia 2016’, a title given by World Travel Awards.

Box: B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017 commences from 10h to 15h daily. Visitors will get a 01 free beer Coupon at all cable car service points (not applied for children under 1m3).

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B’estival Sun World Ba Na Hills 2017
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