Avalokitesvara festival opens

The Quan The Am (Avalokitecvara) festival officially began on the evening of 17 March at the Avalokitecvara Pagoda in the Marble Mountains, Ngu Hanh Son District. The event drew a great deal of attention from both local residents and visitors.

It featured a drum performance, a petition-submitting ritual dance, and numerous impressive activities. In particular, a delegation of monks from Thailand presented an item featuring the plait of flowers and leaves to the Naga (snake god with a lotus-shaped lamp support comprising 7 snake heads).

Chairman of Ngu Hanh Son District People’s Committee, Mr Le Hoang Duc, beating the drum to begin the festival (photo:

In addition, visitors could enjoy impressive works by Japanese and Vietnamese calligraphists. At 9 pm, locals and visitors began floating flower garlands and coloured lanterns on the Co Co River to pray for happiness and peace.

Earlier on Monday, various exciting cultural activities had been held to celebrate the festival. These included a photo exhibition about the Marble Mountains, “bai choi” (singing while acting as playing cards), and a calligraphy exhibition.

A prayer ceremony of Theravada Buddhists was held at 7am today, whilst a blessing ceremony on the meaning of Buddhist relics was opened at 2pm. Also today, tug-of-war and stick pushing competitions and some martial arts performances are being held.

Nguyễn Thu

Avalokitesvara festival opens
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