Update on prevention and control of acute respiratory infections from new strains of corona virus (ncov) in Danang city

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By the end of February 1, 2020, the People’s Committee of Da Nang confirmed that no cases (including residents and tourists) were infected with acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Corona virus (32/39 samples of nCoV test had negative results). This is a very positive sign and therefore the authority advises all citizens and visitors to remain calm, to select accurate information from the official channels of the state management agency to share.

Accordingly, civilized and non-discriminatory behaviors are advised towards tourists (currently in the city area, there are tourists from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia … which are Chinese-speaking markets). At the same time, it is essential that citizens and tourists take proactive precautions (wear a mask properly, wash hands frequently with soap, keep body warm …).
Official sources of information of state agencies in which people and visitors can trust for accurate information are:

– Web portal of the Ministry of Health: https://moh.gov.vn

– Da Nang city web portal: https://danang.gov.vn

– Website of Da Nang Department of Health: https://soyte.danang.gov.vn

– Official Danang Tourism website: https://danangfantasticity.com

Let’s all contribute to a civilized, friendly and safe Danang city.

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