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K-Cultural Show: Two Loving Stars

K-Cultural Show: Two Loving Stars
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K-Cultural Show: Two Loving Stars

The musical, being the combination between K-pop and opera, will have its premiere to Da Nang theatre-goers.

As a celebration of 25-year diplomacy and international relations between Vietnam and South Korea (1992-2017), the musical is produced by Trung Vuong performance arts theatre in cooperation with Uijeongbu Arts Centre.

  • Time: 20h00, on 22-23/6/2017 and 14h00 on 24/6/2017.
  • Venue: Trung Vuong performance arts theatre – 35 A Phan Chau Trinh
  • Price: 200-300-400-600-800.000 VND/ticket

K-Cultural Show: Two Loving Stars – the musical tells the romantic story of two lovers living in different worlds. They loved each other dearly until death tears them apart.

So deep and everlasting was their love that it touched the Universe, who would place them among the constellations in the sky and arrange their reunion every year on O Thuoc bridge.

The musical features the performing of well-known Korean actors/actresses and singers; K-pop vibes, contemporary dances, traditional folk dances, martial arts, magic shows… The sparkling, magical and colorful ambience is enhanced by latest stage display technology with ultimate audio-visual effects.

According to Quang Hao, Director of Trung Vuong Performing Arts Theatre, this is the first ‘opera and K-pop’ musical to be presented in Da Nang. The idea of introducing this mix of two genres is to give the public some tastes of elite opera and to test the influence of K-pop on older audience.

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