Experience the full beauty of Da Nang in the 11th edition marathon in the new month race.

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On March 24, 2024, at East Sea Park in Da Nang, the Da Nang International Marathon 2024 will officially return and bring new experiences for runners as it takes place in March with cooler and more pleasant weather. With this year’s message “Make It Happen”, the race aims to motivate runners to achieve their goals and set new records in the coastal city.

As in previous years, the race will feature four competitive categories including 42km, 21km, 10km, 5km, and the 1.5km Ronny Dash for children aged 3-10. All race distances have been certified to meet the standards of the Association of International Marathons and Distance Races (AIMS) and the World Athletics. Along the route, runners can enjoy the sunrise and admire the famous landmarks of Da Nang, such as the Dragon Bridge, Han River, Son Tra Peninsula, Marble Mountains, and more.

This year, the event expects to welcome 9,000 runners from around the world, including nearly 1,800 international participants from various countries and nearly 800 children running alongside their parents in the kid run 1.5km . Beyond bringing together international runners, this year’s race introduces the Dragon Runner registration for top-ranking runners from any official timed road marathon race in Vietnam and worldwide, promising thrilling moments with anticipated achievements.

In the event area, the EXPO Kick-off Day is scheduled for March 22 and 23, 2024, for activities such as BIB collection, exploring booths, participating in games with rewards, and shopping at sports-related booths with various discounts from event partners, open to all participants and locals visiting.

Additionally, the race includes fundraising runs as part of sideline activities, with all the raised fund from charity slots and participants’ donation will be allocated to orphans through the beneficiary going to support the Hoa Mai Da Nang Orphanage. 


THỜI GIAN / Time HOẠT ĐỘNG | Activity
THỨ SÁU, NGÀY 22 THÁNG 03 NĂM 2024 | FRIDAY, 22 March 2024
09:00 – 19:30  EXPO & Mở nhận số hiệu thi đấu (Race Kit)

Sports Expo & Race Kit Pick-up opens

THỨ BẢY, NGÀY 23 THÁNG 03 NĂM 2024 | SATURDAY, 23 March 2024
09:00 – 18:00 EXPO & Mở nhận số hiệu thi đấu (Race Kit)

Sport Expo & Race Kit Pick-up opens

14:00 Đóng quầy nhận Race Kit của Ronny Dash 1.5km

Close the Race kit Pick-up of Ronny Dash 1.5km

15:30 – 15:40 RONNY DASH 1.5Km – Vận động viên nhí khởi động

Ronny Dash 1.5km race briefing & Warm-Up

16:00 Xuất Phát RONNY DASH 1.5Km

Ronny Dash – 1.5Km Starts

17:00 – 17:30 Trao giải RONNY DASH 1.5Km


CHỦ NHẬT, NGÀY 24 THÁNG 03 NĂM 2024 | SUNDAY, 24 March 2023
02:00 – 10:00 Chào đón VĐV và Mở quầy nhận giữ đồ

Welcome Runners & Bagdrop service opens

02:30 – 2:40 Khởi động cho cự ly 42.195Km

Warm-up for 42.195Km runners

03:00 42.195Km Xuất phát

42.195Km Starts

03:30 Khởi động cho cự ly 21Km

Warm-up for 21Km runners

04:00 21Km Xuất phát

21Km Starts

04:30 VĐV 10Km Khởi động

10Km Runner Warm-Up

05:00 10Km Xuất phát

10Km Starts

06:30 VĐV 5Km Khởi động

5Km Runner Warm-Up

07:00 5Km Xuất phát

5Km Starts

09:00 Trao Giải chung cuộc và nhóm tuổi

The Awarding Ceremony for Overall & Age Group

10:00 Đóng đường chạy & Kết thúc đường đua.

Cut off time & End of the race

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