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A safety tourism city even in the time when the whole world is containing the Covid – 19

Let’s listen to the sharing of international visitors who still believe in choosing Da Nang as their destination during the time of the Covid 19 epidemic which is causing serious imapacts worldwide

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Mr. LeonDro – USA tourist “I enjoy Danang tourism right now. It’s a beautiful weather and people are very nice. The tourism is wonderful. There are some concerns about Corona Virus and I know they are confused for tourists. That ‘s certainly, don’t worry. One has to these causes, they were normally, wash your hands, don’t touch things, wear masks if you feel that it could be exposed. You know that vary kind of germs, one could be exposed to flu, cough, cold.”

Ms. Yan Jara – Malaysian tourist “This is my first time travelling to Da Nang. I love this place with the fresh, cool air. This is the reason why I chose to visit Da Nang. I feel that everyone is healthy here. In my opinion, the Corona virus doesn’t affect much this city.”


Canadian tourist – “We are from Canada. I’m glad to see a lovely city of Danang. It’s beautiful, clean, friendly people, city. I really enjoyit in here. We choose the trip, then we have planned it for several years, takes us to come and almost times that we have effect in here. I am hoping everybody will have a good time here as we are .”  

Da Nang

Premier Village Phu Quoc Resort Da Nang Viet Nam Thang Lon Tai Le Trao Giai Du Lich Quoc Te World Travel Awards 2019 02

So far, Da Nang has yet to record any positive cases of pneumonia caused by the new strain of virus corona. All steps including the implementation of preventive medicine measures, isolation, monitoring and response have been implemented very nearly with the spirit of synchronism, drasticness and high vigilancein all levels and setors, along with the increasingly high awareness of epidemic prevention in the community.

With outstanding natural landscape, unique culinary, luxrury resorts, local’s hospitality tourism stimulus programs with unique an atractive tourim products imbued with the city’s own identity, always remaning vigilant against epidemic and putting safety of community above all else.

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Da Nang has been and always will be the destination with DELIGHTFUL experiences...

-- Chau Ngoc --

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