Comply with Covid-19 prevention while going to the beach

Vui Tam Bien Khong Quen Phong Dich

Da Nang beach now is in the most beautiful season of the year, so it’s the most enjoyable thing to play on the white sandy beach or immerse yourself in the cool sea water. Let’s fulfil our beach moments by following Covid-19 prevention guidance as below:

  1. Beach time is temporarily limited from 04:30 – 07:30 and 16:30 – 18:30
  2. Covid-19 prevention steps when going to the beach

Step 1: Enter the beach at the assigned beach parking gates, stop your vehicle before the queuing line and wait for instructions from the staff.

Step 2: Before enter the beach, you have to wear mask, sanitize your hands. The staff can ask you to leave if you do not comply with Covid-19 prevention rules.

Step 3:  Take your vehicle inside the parking area following the instruction.

Step 4: You can keep your luggage at the storage counter but remember to queue up with a safe distance.

Step 5: Enter the beach following the flow distribution line, only swim at the area with distance buoys and follow the instructions of the lifeguards. When going ashore, you must wear a mask.

Step 6: Going back to the parking area (collect your luggage at the counter), pick up your vehicle and go out following the direction. You are not allowed to take shower at the beach area after swimming.

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