Travel+Leisure: Exploring Ba Na Hills is one of the best experiences in Danang

Travelleisure Kham Pha Ba Na Hills La Mot Trong Nhung Trai Nghiem Tuyet Voi Nhat O Da Nang 01
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Travel+Leisure, America’s leading travel magazine, recently published an article asking readers to vote for the most exciting experiences when visiting Da Nang and Hoi An. The Golden Bridge and Sun World Ba Na Hills were highly praised in the article.

In a magazine article published in late July, Lakshmi Sharath identifies Da Nang as central Vietnam’s focal point of tourism. The area is characterized by its vast expanse of luxury resorts along the beach and a bustling nightlife with vibrant bars and restaurants on the banks of the Han River. The author highlights that the iconic bridges spanning the mountains and rivers of the region serve as a defining symbol for Danang.

Travelleisure Kham Pha Ba Na Hills La Mot Trong Nhung Trai Nghiem Tuyet Voi Nhat O Da Nang

Golden Bridge and Sun World Ba Na Hills are recommended by Travel+Leisure as the best choice for family guests to experience in Danang.

In an article suggesting exciting activities for Da Nang and Hoi An visitors, Lakshmi Sharath compared the Golden Bridge to the transformation of the Han River city. The Golden Bridge, which doesn’t cross any river, is an iconic attraction in Da Nang. According to Sharath, the bridge symbolizes the city’s transformation from a simple coastal town to a vibrant tourism hub. She described it as a real-life fairy tale, and the mossy hands holding the bridge add to the enchanting charm of the whole scene.

Even five years after its launch, the Golden Bridge is still a significant attraction for international tourists. It has become a “tourism ambassador” for Danang, showcasing the appeal of man-made attractions alongside the region’s natural beauty.

The TIME magazine has announced its list of top 100 greatest places in the world and the Golden Bridge in Danang city is on it, just two months after its launch. The bridge’s unique and beautiful architecture has also earned it a spot on the Guardian’s list of the top 10 bridges in the world. The Huffington Post has described it as “the most interesting bridge ever seen”, while the Independent has listed it as one of the 10 most unique bridges in the world. In March 2021, the Daily Mail voted the Golden Bridge as one of the new 10 wonders of the world.

Along with the Golden Bridge, Sun World Ba Na Hills is recommended by Travel+Leisure as the best experience for family guests in Da Nang and Hoi An.

Located at an elevation of 1,500 meters, Sun World Ba Na Hills offers a fantasy and adventure experience, ideal for families, with the Golden Bridge as the main attraction described by Travel+Leisure.

Travelleisure Kham Pha Ba Na Hills La Mot Trong Nhung Trai Nghiem Tuyet Voi Nhat O Da Nang 01

Sun World Ba Na Hills is called a world of “fantasy and adventure” by Travel+Leisure. Photo: Nguyen Van Minh

Experience the ultimate adventure at Danang’s Fantasy World, where a day full of endless possibilities awaits you. Begin your journey by riding the cable car through the primeval forests and let yourself be transported to a captivating world of imagination. The Free Fall Revolving Tower, the thrilling tube slide, and the Airship Flying Eye Cinema are just some exciting attractions that will take you on a journey beyond your wildest dreams. Discover the charms of a French village, visit the wax museum, and indulge in a world of cuisine, all before returning to Da Nang.

But that’s not all. Danang offers much more, such as the fire-breathing Dragon Bridge, the Marble Mountains, My Khe beach, and the lush green Son Tra peninsula. Visit Linh Ung Pagoda with its 67m tall statue of The Goddess of Mercy, and drive through dense trees to glimpse rare animals like monkeys and the red-shanked doucs. Danang is where adventure meets tranquility, and every moment is a memory waiting to be made.

Da Nang Duoc Truyen Thong Quoc Te Goi La Diem Nong Du Lich Mice 03

If you are lucky, you can see the red-shanked doucs in the Son Tra peninsula.

If Danang blends traditional and contemporary vibes, Hoi An is like a charming postcard with an ancient and romantic look. Some exciting activities suggested by Travel+Leisure are culinary experience, exploring Hoi An ancient town, waking up early and inhaling the smell of freshly roasted coffee, immersing yourself in the colors of lanterns when night falls…

The two destinations of Danang and Hoi An are an exceptional combination, creating an unforgettable journey for travelers. Of particular interest is the exploration of the Golden Bridge and Sun World Ba Na Hills, which affords a unique opportunity to experience the spectacular creativity of tourists. Not only has this helped transform the land into a place of natural beauty, but it has also become a hub of miraculous works. The impact of these destinations on the tourism industry is noteworthy, as they offer a glimpse into the remarkable possibilities of the travel landscape.

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