Official announcement of Danang Tourism LOGO & SLOGAN

Official announcement of Danang Tourism LOGO & SLOGAN
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The copyright transfer contract between designer Doan Hai Tu and Mr.Tran Chi Cuong, Deputy Director of Danang Department of Culture, Sports and Tourism in the closing ceremony has officially announced the new logo and slogan for Danang tourism contributing to building Danang Branding System in the near future.

Danang Deparment of Culture, Sports and Tourism is continuing to work with designer Doan Hai Tu, as well as media companies to develop the Danang Branding System with the new logo and slogan “Fantasticity!”

Logo is created with two stylized letters D and N, first two letters of Da Nang. The logo’s idea is diversity and vitality. The shapes in the logo are made of many strong lines combined together. Definitive lines show up a strong rise of the city.

The colors of the shapes bring an impression of a joyful and dynamic city. Green symbolizes the pure nature. Yellow and orange are the image of beaches and sunshine. Red and purple are the human beauty. Blue is the sea… All is combined together with the name DA NANG and slogan to make a united form.

Slogan in English : “FantastiCity!”

This slogan is a combination of “Fantastic” and “city”. Fantastic city means a wonderful city. Because of the same “c”, two words are joined together but also have a clear separation; which make the logo original and attractive. These two words are like just one word and pronounced like a noun in English. With the exclamation point, the slogan is like a statement, a comment from an excited and happy person. Words in the slogan are selected carefully to have the clearest meaning and not to be misunderstood. In general, the slogan expresses a wonderful city to explore which brings the happiness to tourists.

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