Establishing Danang Professional Chef’s Club

Establishing Danang Professional Chef’s Club
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On January 07, 2015, Congress for establishing Danang Professional Chef’s Club was organized by Danang Tourism Association at Olalani Resort and Condotel.

There are 250 members who are working for hotels, restaurants in Danang. At the Congress, tasks and purpose of club were represented and 15 main members were selected in Chairman Board. The club with routine activities is every 3 months.

Mr.Huynh Tan Vinh – Chairman of Danang Tourism Association also shared “Danang was selected in Top TripAdvisor Travellers’ Choice Destination on the Rise 2015 and will celebrate APEC 2017, the news create a b motivation to improve chef’s professional and contribute for Danang’s tourism brand.

The members with many difference levels, tourism businesses can share their experience and learn to improve their professional and protect local cuisine.

Chau Ngoc

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