253 Japanese tourists visit Da Nang on the first day of New Year 2014

In the afternoon of January 1st, 253 Japanese tourists on the flight VN9303 of Viet Nam Airlines from Narita Airport landed in Da Nang. This were also the first international tourists visiting Da Nang on the first day of 2014.

After the long cold days, in the morning of January 1st, it was warmer in Da Nang. It started to be sunny by early afternoon of the same day. At that moment, the airplane VN9303 of Viet Nam Airlines from Narita (Japan) landed at Da Nang International Airport .

This was also the first international flight to Da Nang on the first day of New Year 2014 with 253 tourists from the “land of cherry blossoms ” to rest in Da Nang – a coastal city which is so beautiful and hospitable. Mr.Tran Chi Cuong – Deputy Director of the Da Nang department Culture, Sports and Tourism went to the Danang airport’s international terminal and directly welcomed the first guests of the City tourism industry in new year by nice flowers.

Mrs. Hatayama Haruko and her beautiful daughter Hatayama Fumi from Kanagawa (located next to Tokyo) were very happy to receive the warm welcome of the Da Nang’s authority. She said that this was their second visit in Viet Nam, but this was the first time they came to Da Nang.

“Through the information provided by travel companies in Japan as well as researching on the Internet, we know that Da Nang is a coastal city with beautiful natural scenery, clean environment and very friendly people. So we decided to choose this place to welcome the new year. During the time here, we will stay at the resort, visit the beach and some tourist attractions which are promoted very attractively! ” – Mrs. Hatayama Haruko said.

Mr. Tran Chi Cuong said: “In 2013, in spite of the economic crisis, Da Nang tourism industry still maintains high growth with strategic and breakthrough steps. Apart from travelling by sea, travelling by air this year has strong growth in both the number of passengers and flights, it is contributing significantly to the total revenue for Da Nang tourism industry”.

Accordingly, in 2013, the total number of tourists to Da Nang was 3,1 million, up to 17,2 % compared with 2012. In particular, the number of international tourists was over 743.000 tourists, up to 17,8 %; the number of domestic tourists was 2,347 million, up to 17 %. Total tourism revenue were 7.784,1 billion dong, up to 29,8 % . In 2013 there were 92 cruise ships to Tien Sa port with 102.465 passengers, up to 91 %, passengers by road from Laos, Thailand were 27,000 arrivals.

For travelling by air, there are currently 16 international flights to Da Nang airport; in which there are 4 regular direct routes and 12 charters, up to 8 routes over the same period. And in December, there were 4 new routes from Xiamen, Taiyuan, Harbin, Ningbo (China).

” In 2014, the Da Nang tourism industry in collaboration with other concerned departments will continue to focus on promoting to foreign markets through direct routes from big markets such as Japan , South Korea , China , Thailand … ” – Mr. Tran Chi Cuong said .

Hai Chau

253 Japanese tourists visit Da Nang on the first day of New Year 2014
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