Quan The Am (Avalokitecvara) Festival on until 7 April

The Quan The Am (Avalokitecvara) Festival officially began on Sunday evening at Ngu Hanh Son District’s Quan The Am (Avalokitecvara) Pagoda in the Marble Mountains Tourist Area. The opening drew a great deal of attention from visitors, along with local residents and Buddhist followers.

The highlight of the opening ceremony was an impressive lotus drawing performance. It was being performed for the first time by 10 Buddhist monks from the Viet Nam Centre for Calligraphy and the Viet Nam Buddhist Fine Arts Centre. In addition, there was a fascinating musical programme featuring a traditional Japanese dance, Yosakoi, along with a drum performance by Vietnamese and Japanese children.

The Deputy Head of the festival’s organising board and Head of the Quan The Am Pagoda, Most Venerable Thich Hue Vinh, remarked that the 3-day event would feature many special interesting activities. In particular, a solemn ritual to pray for peace and safety throughout the year, led by Buddhist monk Phra Thep Mangkalajarn who is the Head of Thailand’s Wat Thaton Pagoda, took place this morning and evening.

In addition, there will be an exciting martial arts performance by martial art masters from the Viet Nam Traditional Martial Arts Federation, the Da Nang Traditional Martial Arts Club, and the Quan The Am Pagoda’s Kim Son Martial Arts Club Club. An exhibition of paintings, photos and calligraphy, which is being co-organised by the Viet Nam Centre for Calligraphy, the city’s Calligraphy Club, and the Truc Van Fine Arts Club, will also take place during the festival.

There will also be plaiting of flowers and leaves by artisans from Thailand, and a traditional Japanese tea ceremony by professors from the Da Nang Sakura Japanese Language Centre.

Quan The Am (Avalokitecvara) Festival on until 7 April
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