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Han river will shine bright on the DIFF 2017’s opening night

On 30th April 2017, Danang International Firework Festival – DIFF 2017 opening ceremony with special firework displays from the home team Vietnam and Austria team will be officially taken place in the five- element floating stage on Han river.

Besides, a professional and imposing art performance with the participation of the domestic and multinational artists will be happened as well. With the “Fire” theme, The DIFF 2017 opening night promises to be an unprecedentedly imposing firework performance in the nearly nine-year history of Danang’s international firework display organization.

The Danang’s sky will be lighted up by brilliant firework, balloon and paragliding performances. The stage on Han river surface will be the combination of domestic and multinational artists’ professional art performances with modern sound, light and mapping 3D image system. Along the Han riverbank with the 22.000- seat stage is small stage models with tableaus being continuously taken place.

Sân khấu Ngũ Hành - DIFF 2017

The “Fire” theme will be brightened up by flower garlands, torches, high skill firework, art performances, sound and light. The combination of DIFF stage’s elements namely sky, river’s surface and along the riverbank will bring an incredibly imposing and impressive firework space for the opening night.

The opening night’s key point is the two firework displays of the home team Vietnam and Austria team. With the investment in technology and performance technique alternation, the Vietnam team’s display will promise to bring various great surprises. And the leader of Austria team has revealed a staggeringly beautiful firework performance before the “Fire” night “ We would like to invite DIFF’s audience to join us on a journey of dreams, discover firework’s emotions as well as witness with their own eyes a one-of-a-kind fireworks party”.

Lễ hội pháo hoa quốc tế Đà Nẵng - DIFF 2017

On the “fire” opening night, the spectators will witness traditional and modern art performances being meticulously arranged and performed by famed artists namely  eminent artist Cao Minh, choreographer and people’s artist Bach Hac- Mai Trung- Dieu Hy, M4U music band,…and hundreds of artists from theaters and art companies throughout the other regions of our country.

Austria brings the horn-blowing and flag dance performances, being played by Austrian artists, to the “Fire” night as well. After the Austria’s firework display, Danang night will be roused by extremely unique mixed music performances being carried out by well-known DJ together with the eye-catching light and 3D mapping displays.

DIFF 2017

Being imposing and meticulous, traditional and modern, the “fire” opening night is the preamble for the series of DIFF 2017’s  five-night firework program lasting for two months and promises the following surprising and appealing Earth- Metal- Water- Wood firework nights.

DIFF 2017 with the unheard- of size will contribute to creating the Asia’s leading event and festival destination for Danang. Sun Group has been commissioned to hold DIFF with the expectation of creating a strong remarkable for Danang in 2017, and DIFF will be considered as a “must-go festival” for people all over the world.

DIFF 2017 will be taken place from 3th April 2017 and lasted for two months to 24th June 2017 with the participation of eight teams: Italia, Austria, China, Japan, England, Australia, Switzerland and home team Vietnam.

With the theme “ Shining Marble Mountains”, the festival includes the series of five-night firework program named Fire- Earth- Metal- Water- Wood organized on weekly Saturdays: 30th April, 20th and 27th May, 3rd and 24th June.

A number of festivals will be concurrently held such as: Street festival with 9 floats being uniquely designed, five-element cuisine space with over 500 dishes bearing each country’s specific trait…and other enticing and jubilant events.

(Binh Phan)

Han river will shine bright on the DIFF 2017’s opening night
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