Danang cancelled fireworks performance on Lunar New Year

Danang cancelled fireworks performance on Lunar New Year
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The orginal plan was to organize fireworks performance in Son Tra district (Danang) to celebrate 20th anniversary of Danang becoming a city under Central Government and New Year. However, the plan was cancelled according to the Secretariat of People’s Committee.

Before, in mid December,within the activities to celebrate the 20th anniversary, the leaders agreed for Son Tra district to cooperate with a private company to perform fireworks at Han Bridge, from 21h15 to 21h30 on New Year’s Eve. According to the plan, there would be 700 mid-level fireworks and 800 high-level fireworks. All the budget is collected from the private sector.

In previous years, Danang usually had fireworks performance in Lunar New Year in 4 different locations within the city.

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