Danang – Vietnam’s yatch started racing in Clipper Round The World Race

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Danang – Vietnam’s yatch started racing in Clipper Round The World Race.

On August 30th 2015, in the Race Start Ceremony of the Clipper Race 2015-2016, Captain Wendy Tuck of Danang – Vietnam and her crew-members crossed the Tower Bride – symbol of London to start the longest yatch race around the world with more than 40,000 nautical miles and will take 11 months to finish.

Many people with their best wishes for our sailors had gathered in the International Race Village, from two sides of the famous Thames River for saying their farewell to 12 teams and their captains before the longest Clipper Round the World race. Ms. Wendy Tuck, 50 years old, from Sydney – Australia will be the navigator for Danang – Vietnam team. This is the very first time of Danang Vietnam as a sponsor for Clipper Race, and the flew will be anchored in Danang when coming to Vietnam next February, from 17th to 27th of February 2016. Before staring, Captain Wendy said that: “In order to continue the hospitality that Vietnamese Ambassador provided us in London this week, me and my team are very excited to start our journey and we believe that there will an amazing welcome for us in Danang, too”

“We are proud of being represented for a brilliant and beautiful culture. Hopefully our fans in Vietnam will encourage us all along the Clipper round the World”. Sharing about their pride when bringing the race to Vietnam for the first time, Founder of Clipper Race and the legend sailor –Mr. Robin Knox-Johnston (76 years old), the first ever man to sail solo around the world from 1968 to 1969, said: “Many people were very excited when we announced Danang as our stop. I’ve never ever been to Vietnam but I always want to travel to this amazing country and I know our sailors want it too”. Mr Robin established the Clipper Race to help amateur-sailors to have a life-time experience and even bringing them chance to travel around the world. Almost half of the 700 sailors with 44 nationalities never sailed before training. The youngest sailor is 18 years old and the oldest is 74. 35% of the fleet is female. The Clipper Race is a life-changing experience of more than 3300 people who fought World’s most challenging oceans in this unique race. The first race was taken place in 1996.

Mr Robin also said: “Despite of their amateur situation, there must be no compromise from mother nature. They will have to cross some difficult ocean and actually toughest ones of this world. Wishing them a safest and extraordinary journey – their ahead experience will follow them to the entire of their life”.

Danang will use its yatch to promote the city’s image to the world in order to impulse Danang and Vietnam tourism, business and culture. The first stage of Clipper Race will take 12 boats from London (England) to Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) with more than 5000 nautical miles.

After the first stop in Brazil, the whole crew will continue their race to Cape Town (South Africa), Albany, Sydney, Whitsundays  (Australia), Danang (Vietnam), Qingdao (China), Seattle, Panama, New York (the USA) and Den Helder (the Netherlands) before coming back to London for the closing ceremony on 30thJuly, 2016.

For more information, please visit www.clipperroundtheworld.com. Photos and high quality videos will be updated on the media portal of Clipper, free registration at: www.clipperroundtheworld.com/mediaportal

Or contact Ms. Marina Thomas, Communication Executive – 
E: mthomas@clipper-ventures.com
M: +44 7793 417 751

Teams and Captains:

ClipperTelemed+                            Diane Reid (Toronto, Canada)
Da Nang-Viet Nam                         Wendy Tuck (Sydney, Australia)
Derry~Londonderry~Doire         Daniel Smith (Scotland)
Garmin                                              Ashley Skett (Cornwall, UK)
GREAT Britain                               Peter Thornton (Cornwall, UK)
IchorCoal                                         Darren Ladd (Cornwall, UK)
LMAX Exchange                            Olivier Cardin (Normandy, France)
Mission Performance                    Greg Miller (Gosport, UK)
PSP Logistics                                   Max Stunell (Portsmouth, UK)
Qingdao                                            Igor Gotlibovych (Ukraine, Germany)
Unicef                                                Jim Prendergast (Gosport, UK)
Visit Seattle                                      Huw Fernie (Cornwall, UK)

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