Da Nang executes the Prime Minister’s Directive No. 15 and direction of the City Party Committee on the prevention of Covid-19 epidemic

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With an aim to mitigate and control the widespread of COVID-19, take prompt and proactive precautions nationwide, protect the public health, Prime Minister requests authorities at all levels and the general public to thoroughly grasp the spirit of “fighting against the epidemic as fighting against the enemy” and sacrifice economic benefits to prevent and combat the pandemic.

The protection of people’s health and lives is the ultimate goal. There shall boost determination and efforts in implementing solutions and tasks to prevent and control epidemics in accordance with the guidance of the Ministry of Politics, Central Secretariat, Government, and Prime Minister. Also there must strengthen disciplines and accelerate effective measures for early detection of sources of infection, prompt isolation, quick zoning, and thorough suppression.

Da Nang enacts the Directive No. 15 / CT-TTg dated March 27, 2020 of the Prime Minister on drastically implementing the prevention and control of Covid-19 outbreak; Official Document No. 4095 / CV-Tu dated March 26, 2020 of Da Nang City Party Committee on reinforcing the control and prevention of Covid-19 pandemic and the guidance of the Party Committee of the City People’s Committee. The are the notes guidelines as following:

– Suspend all meetings, events of over 20 people in one room; not gather over 10 people outside of offices, schools and hospitals; keep at least 2 meters away from other people at public places.

– Stop all spiritual events and activities of over 20 people at religious, belief and worship establishments; ban all social, entertainment and sport events at public areas.

– Regarding sport activities at sport centers, Department of Culture and Sport consults the People’s Committee which events should be banned with specific conditions, assuring the general publics can still practice exercises and improve immune system yet not causing cross-infection and complying with regulation of COVID-19 control.

– Postpone all business in the city, except for the suppliers of necessities, food and basic utensils.

– In terms of accommodation establishments, stop greeting guests from 0h00 on March 28, 2020. For guests still staying at hotels and other accommodations, Department of Tourism shall request the landlords to carry out the precautions as regulated.

– Postpone or re-organize public transport to restrict commuting and social gatherings, excluding cargo transports.

The duration for the aforementioned measures is from 0h00 on March 28, 2020 to the April 15, 2020. Heads of local authorities failing to control public gatherings will be punished strictly according to regulations.

In addition, according to Official Letter number 1940/UBND-VHXH dated March 27, 2020, Da Nang People’s Committee also issues the below regulations:

– Permit preschool children, pupils and university students to continuously be absent from school until the end of April 12, 2020.

– Continue to strictly control people entering and leaving the city on roads, airways, waterways, especially at the gateways to the city.

– Complete plans and scenarios against epidemics at higher levels and scales; ensure adequate conditions on facilities, medical equipment, supplies and human resources to prevent and control outbreak in peak period; instantly addressing difficulties and problems in the procurement of equipment and materials to prevent and fight the epidemic; encourage and immediately front-liners in epidemic prevention and control. Areas and localities at high risk of disease transmission must prioritize all conditions and resources for epidemic prevention and suppression

– Strictly tackle, including applying criminal law cases of spreading false news, not submit medical declarations or offer deceitful medical information; evade, oppose and disobey medical isolation measures; hoarding goods, raising prices, triggering market instability strictly according to law provisions.

– Innovate and enhance working methods to adapt to the context of epidemic prevention; boost the application of information technology, online activities in directing, operating, working, studying, implementing administrative procedures; guide and encourage people to use online public services and undergo online administrative procedures.

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