Danang by night

Thinking of Danang, people usually visualize a green, very clean city and there are a lot of natural elements around it. However, few people notice a gorgeous Danang at night, showing off its beautyof peace, prosperity and fertility.

The highlight of Danang is probably the romantic Han River, harmoniously complimenting significant architectural works. When the sun goes down, Han River wears a radiant jacket reflected from street and building lights along the banks. The river now looks like a colorful silk strip winding across the heart of the city. All the records-winning bridges seem to add more dimensions to its glamour.


Let’s start at Tran Thi Ly bridge- an imposing cable-stayed bridge that has the shape of a sail. Come here at night and contemplate the magic of lights. One of a unique character of the bridge is its smart light system which can change colours in different seasons. It changes to yellow, violet, green, blue in the summer and yellow, orange and pink in rainy season. There are two lanes of walking for pedestrians; therefore, since its grand opening many people have come here for sightseeing. This is also a great place for couples, photographers, or teenagers who want some satisfying photos.


Following along the river, you can see Dragon Bridge, the biggest steel Dragon in the world recorded by Guinness book. Eastern people consider Dragon as a legendary creature, which will bring luck to everyone. The bridge was then built with hope and faith in the prosperity of the city. Coming here on weekends, you will experience a thousand-of-tons steel dragon breathing fire and water. The best view is on the East side of bridge, where you can find a place to park your motorbikes and wait till 9 pm when the Dragon is awake. It breathes fires twice and water three times. Don’t forget to take some photos to keep this memorial moment!


People will see Bach Dang street on the West side of the city. It received an investment of 100 thousand million VND and was inaugurated in 2004. This is most beautiful street in Danang city, and it also has special 12-metre wide pavement along the river, therefore people do a lot of public activities here at night. There’s nothing better than a nice walk along the street at night. If you are an art-lover, you can enjoy many beautiful sculptures. Many bands usually come here to perform at weekends. Art students are usually found working on their drawings of tourists with very reasonable price.

Across Han River Bridge to the beach, you will see East Sea Park. The first impression here is rows of coconut trees and pigeons having free meals given by tourists. These are symbols of peace and wealth of this city. The sea at night always brings many emotions to the lonely passenger. Standing on the coast, people can see a lot of ships far away, and the Buddha statue on SonTra Peninsula which is the biggest Buddha statue in Vietnam. This Avalokitesvara statue has a special meaning in the religious life of local residents.

Getting lost in the journey, are you hungry? There are a lot of seafood restaurants along the beach with many options that people can choose from like hot pot, scallop congee, cuttlefish… The river and the ocean in Danang are rich with all fresh seafood cooked in various, complicated ways to satisfy the most picky diners.

With only a 5-km journey, you have somehow experience Danang at night- the city of light. Following this Light Curve along Han River, breathing in the fresh air and indulging yourself in the life of the city under dazzling light will be a wonderful experience that you should not miss.

Mai Lê

Danang by night
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