Da Nang – a liveable city

Da Nang – a liveable city
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Da Nang boasts a healthy, clean and safe environment, along with modern facilities and an improving infrastructure.  Therefore, the local authorities and residents are devoting every effort to make Da Nang a more liveable city in the future.

In particular, the Hai Chau 1 Ward People’s Committee has been sending congratulation letters to anyone who goes there to arrange marriage or birth certificates.  The ward authorities have also been sending its condolences to local residents whose relatives have passed away.

So far this year, a total of 366 congratulation and 77 condolence letters have been sent to local residents.  No letters of complaint have been sent to the local authorities about delays in implementing administrative procedures.

Congratulation letters for a birth (left) and marriage certificate

In an effort to narrow the gap between the local authorities and the people, leaders at municipal and grass-root levels have been willing to spend time meeting citizens to address any pressing issues.

Most notably, municipal People’s Committee Chairman Huynh Duc Tho has widely publicised his email address at in the mass media to receive opinions and comments from residents. In addition, the Facebook page of the city’s Urban Management Division at has been created to receive and address any pressing problems reported by residents.

Recently, meritorious teacher Le Cong Co, Principal of the city’s Duy Tan University, was awarded the title Labour Hero for his great efforts towards the development of local education over recent years. His achievement has helped to not only develop the brand name of the university but also advertise the image of the city to domestic and international friends.

A student from the university’s Construction Faculty said proudly, “Da Nang is the most liveable city in Viet Nam. It is blessed with beautiful beaches, majestic mountains, romantic rivers and stunning scenery.

The city is emerging as an attractive destination for visitors from both home and abroad thanks to its modern infrastructure, its hi-end tourism services, and the friendliness and hospitability of the local people. Many urban infrastructure projects are being carried out in the city. It is an ideal place to study and live”.

During his recent interview with a reporter from Da Nang Radio and Television (DRT), Professor Hoang Chuong, General Director of the Centre for the Research, Preservation and Promotion of Vietnamese Traditional Culture cum Chairman of the Association of Tang Poetry, affirmed “Da Nang is an endless source of inspiration for me and many of my poems were mainly inspired by the seaside city”.


The authorities have also been doing their utmost to make Da Nang a city of international-level events. Their focus is on hosting international events, upgrading the infrastructure, and promoting the city’s name.

The Director of the Department of Foreign Affairs, Mr Lam Quang Minh, said “Over the past decade, in addition to many important foreign affairs events, Da Nang has emerged as an attractive destination for international cultural and sports events. One of the most popular events is the biennial Da Nang International Fireworks Competition which helps the city affirm its brand name”.

Between 17 and 27 February, visitors and locals had the opportunity to meet with Clipper Race crew members as the Clipper Race fleet docked at the Han River Port. In April, the first-ever Japanese Cherry Blossom Festival will take place in the city. Later this year, the 5th Asian Beach Games (ABG 5) will be held in the city, from 24 September to 3 October, and the city is expecting to welcome nearly 4,600 athletes from 45 countries and territories in Asia.

Another large-scale event is the 2016 Beach-Leisure & MICE Travel Mart (BMTM Da Nang 2016) which will be held at the Tien Son Sports Arena from 24 – 26 June. This 3-day event will help Vietnamese businesses to boost bilateral trading cooperation with foreign partners, and expand their markets into other potential countries, especially those with direct international flights into Da Nang.

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