Cham Spa & Massage: Massage – Bath with medicinal herbs of Dao Do people in Danang

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Cham Spa & Massage: Massage – Bath with medicinal herbs of Dao Do people in Danang

For many people, Danang is home of “dozen of visits still as the first time, not the homeland but fully love”!

Come to Danang, in addition to visiting the ravishing scenery or explore the inherent characteristics of a city where is worth for living and tranquil, guests will enjoy a moment of Sa Pa right in Danang by the experience of Massage Da Nang services and bath with medicinal herbs of Dao Do people in Cham Spa & Massage.

After many years of just being passed over in cliff high mountains of Ta Phin hamlet – Sapa, esoteric remedies of Dao Do’s bathing herbs is taken into Cham Spa & Massage and becomes the esoteric unique remedies only in Danang.

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng!

Spread over an area of 4000m2 platform, including system 150 bed luxury Spa, investment facility is spacious, modern. Varied rooms for male / female / couple / family / company / tour … In the space tinted Cham culture, gentle style, cozy, courteous.

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 1

A space “historical” color nostalgic but also very luxurious and delicate.

The space carries the look of a miniature museum of evidence, a vivid re-enactment of the ancient cultural features of ancient Cham Cham

Alternative design, lines, separate layouts, create a harmonious overall impression

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 013

The striking and impressive decoration provides a relaxing space, ideal for travelers

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 014

Space feels cozy rooms, friendly

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 015

Outdoor pool with exquisite carvings lines, the main highlight is the statue reliefs, the apsara maidens extended combined with natural green space.

Bathing with medicinal herbs of Dao Do people is certified to bring health to everyone by experimental science. For those who arrive in Danang at the beginning of this winter, sit for sipping a cup of hot tea, enjoy the deep ancient cultural Champa in Cham Spa & Massage and leave themselves immersed in steaming and fraganced bathtubs you will feel warmer and more refreshing after a long cold journey.

Enjoy bathing with 39 esoteric medicinal herbs of Dao Do people

Many of us have once heard that the ethnic maternity women often bath with water cooked from the plants to quickly recover. Just a few days after birth, the women are able to work and plant, they even carry their infant along with. For those women who live in deltas, this is beyond imagination.

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 016

That herb remedy is kept and passed on to the women in the home of Dao Do people, as one of the esoteric remedies which are preserved in a long time through several generations.

After years of research and study on the great advantage of this precious medicine, Cham Spa & Massage is the first and only facility in Da Nang which brings esoteric medicine from the old jungle to test and use.

Unlike the steam system by conventional thermal power, steam systems in Cham Spa are more specifical. water steam cooking method is particularly inspired by image of the mother who cook herb water for her cold child , this gives you a feeling of closeness, dearness.

Dry and fresh medicines are mixed, depending on the volume of bathing water to use appropriate medication. Then, put into the pot and cook directly on charcoal fire in 3-4 hours. the reddish brown water which smells aromatic is bathing water for mixing.

Bathing water temperature should always be kept at 30-37 degrees Celsius in pomu barrel, while soaking in the tub you will sweat and your blood circulate well, the scent of the trees will blend with the aroma of faint incense pomu wood which helps guests feel comfortable, pleasant.

Entering the small discreet room of the Cham Spa & massage, steam from the pomu wood barrels emits fumes, steamy herbal fragrance blends with the aroma of po mu wood, both strengthen the body.

Medicinal herb water color is reddish, constant shaking as wine. Soaking in the bathtub, breathing the fragrant warm water, more and more you feel your body “relaxing” a refreshing way.

Soaking about 15-20 minutes, you should step out of the bathtub as a long soak can make you feel “drunk” as seasickness, tobacco sickness. Then you will feel your body spotless as being scrubbed, your skin fresh and ruddy …

In winter, when the temperature is low, your body is tired, bathing in this medicinal water decrease many diseases such as fatigue and knee pain, hand, foot, muscle pain, headaches, rashes, pimples, rough skin ….

Heavy, tired laborers after bathing with medicinal herbs will find relief, mental clarity, healthy recovery. In particular, women after a short time of giving a birth, bath with medicinal herb to help blood circulation, have healthy and beautiful skin.

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 018

Sauna in the mystical, ancient space

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 019

After the sauna, massage phase according to the method of traditional medicine is done by the hands of a team of skilled technicians.

With the scientific impact on muscle systems with the important acupuncture points of the body, massage methods of traditional medicine make muscles releases, reduce aches, relax body, which is particularly effective deep inside the body to promote the flow of air and blood circulatory system, toxins, restore health and abundant energy source. This bring you unexpected effect.

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 0117

Experience authentic spa space

Inspired by the ancient Cham Pa culture, design and interior architecture of Cham Spa & Massage represents the quintessence which are honored as World Heritage. Cham Pa art in design of Cham Spa & Massage has a powerful inspiration, brings profound aesthetic emotion for the soul, stirs the desire to find a cruise to enjoy a new life.

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 0120

Combining with majestic Champa culture style is the peak of the painting art with unique paintings which bring exquisite beauty, tranquility and elegance. Space here is to add beautiful, poetic vitality and is very close to nature, plants, cool flowers.

Unique interior which perfectly encompasses the culture, art and nature helps Cham Spa & Massage really become a destination you can not forget. That space does have power to stir strong emotions, charm your soul like the famous fairy dance of Apsara fairies.

Chamspa & Massage – Chốn “LẠ” giữa lòng Đà Nẵng! 0121

Bathing with medicinal herbs of Dao Do people combined with unique massage – Cham Spa & Massage will help you regain equilibrium, and above all peace of mind – give you the power new life, help you to enjoy a full life of fun.

Experiencing course, special services of Cham Spa & massage in a relaxing space with melodious music, lights, faintly fragrant, warm soft hands … is great loving gift that you can not refuse.

Cham Spa & Massage: Massage – Bath with medicinal herbs of Dao Do people in Danang
Cham Spa & Massage: Massage – Bath with medicinal herbs of Dao Do people in Danang
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