Bored Panda: The Golden Bridge is the best-known symbol in Vietnam

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The Golden Bridge has become one of the most recognizable symbols of Vietnam since its public launch five years ago. According to Bored Panda newspaper, it is now on par with Ha Long Bay’s popularity.

Recently, Bored Panda published an article titled “Celebrating the 5th Anniversary of the Golden Bridge: The Modern Man-Made Wonder of the World” which praised the bridge’s breathtaking beauty. In 2018, Bored Panda also published an article about the bridge, describing it as “like something straight out of a Lord of the Rings movie”. This article caused a surge in views and reads for the news site, recording nearly 600,000 views.

Bored Panda Cau Vang La Bieu Tuong Duoc Biet Den Nhieu Nhat O Viet Nam 02

The Golden Bridge is as beautiful as coming out of a fiction movie. Photo: Tran Tuan Viet

It has been five years since the Golden Bridge was opened to the public, yet its beauty still overwhelms Bored Panda writers, as if they were watching a scene out of a fictional movie. The article takes a moment to reminisce about the worldwide surprise that the Golden Bridge brought upon its first revelation. The bridge appears as if a giant hand of God, emerging from the mountainside, supports the weathered construction of an ancient civilization. However, the Golden Bridge is merely five years old.

“I still remember the first time when I saw the image of Golden Bridge 5 years ago. I was very surprised when in the world there is a bridge as beautiful as stepping out of a fantasy movie. Five years on, this singular landmark is still a global phenomenon and internet sensation.”, Bored Panda member Anthony Rodríguez shared.

The article also mentions the Golden Bridge phenomenon that took movie lovers by storm in 2022, when the mystical beauty of the bridge appeared on Netflix’s series “The Sandman.” Global audiences were delighted to discover a scene that perfectly replicated the intricate details of the Golden Bridge.

Bored Panda Cau Vang La Bieu Tuong Duoc Biet Den Nhieu Nhat O Viet Nam 01

Golden Bridge is one of the “magnets” attracting tourists to Da Nang. Photo: Danang Photography Club

The bridge is almost 1,400 meters above sea level and comprises eight sections. It stretches for over 150 meters in the Truong Son mountains, providing a stunning view overlooking the East Sea and the coastal city of Danang. Initially, the bridge was constructed as a pathway connecting Marseille Station to the Garden of Eden and the Le Jardin D’Amour (The Garden of Love) at Sun World Ba Na Hills. When viewed from a distance, it appears as if two giant hands are pulling a golden thread from the mountainside, adding to the scenic beauty of the lush greenery and misty air surrounding it.

According to Bored Panda, the Golden Bridge has significantly impacted Danang’s tourism industry to the point where the image of Danang is now associated with the bridge by international visitors. The bridge has become a popular attraction for millions of tourists across Asia and beyond and has helped put Danang on the map. Although some people have differing opinions about whether the bridge can be considered a wonder, its appeal and popularity are undeniable. The Golden Bridge’s journey to become a world-renowned landmark in just 5 years is impressive.

“Golden Bridge is one of the best-known symbols in Vietnam, along with Ha Long Bay” said Bored Panda.

Bored Panda Cau Vang La Bieu Tuong Duoc Biet Den Nhieu Nhat O Viet Nam

The Golden Bridge has been receiving significant coverage in international media lately.

Not only has it been featured on Bored Panda, but it has also garnered attention from media outlets in other countries. In June 2023, India’s Luxebook newspaper hailed the Golden Bridge as a global icon. Around the same time, the renowned British newspaper Independent included the Golden Bridge in its list of the 14 most spectacular bridges in the world. On July 16, the Golden Bridge was featured on two prominent pages in the special edition of Australia’s leading travel magazine, Escape.

Bored Panda is a globally recognized online news platform with over 160 million monthly views, known for its unique coverage of art and lifestyle topics.

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