A unique morning with sunrise on Da Nang beach

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Photographer: Vương Khả Thịnh, Đỗ Ngọc Hà, Egatic

Each city we are living possesses its one and only charm. It could be either a young and modern city or it could impress us with its fragile and vintage vibe or calm our souls with its serenity and primacy.

Mot Buoi Sang That Khac Cung Binh Minh Tren Bien Da Nang

What’s wonderful is, no matter where we stay, we can get up early and spend time to ride our usual bikes and discover the hidden beauty in the alleys of the city or head to the beach 5am and enjoy the salty air and sunrise in the super different ways.

Greet sunrise with fishermen on Tho Quang – Man Thai beach

Mot Buoi Sang That Khac Cung Binh Minh Tren Bien Da Nang 02

When the sun is blushing and the dawn appears is also the time when the life on Tho Quang – Man Thai beach came alive with the sound of a basket boat and heavy fishing nets pulled into the shore. The net containing loads of fish and fresh shrimp from the sea and “carrying” the joy of fishermen near the shore.

The fresh fish are struggling on heavy nets, it takes about 2 hours, with the joint effort of many people to successfully pull a net onto the shore. Come here, you can help out the fishermen to pull the nets and this will absolutely be a memorable experience in this beautiful coastal city.

Once the net full of fish and shrimp are pulled up, smiles appeared on the faces of the fishermen. When the sun rises a bit higher, when the fish market becomes extremely bustling, seafarers can buy fish directly here or small businessmen will deliver fishes to each market so then city residents could buy the freshest seafood.

The image of trawling on the sea of ​​Da Nang at dawn has become a distinctive feature in the city picture.

Mot Buoi Sang That Khac Cung Binh Minh Tren Bien Da Nang 011

Sunrise workout – super chilled.

Summer is the season when the sun shines brightly at 5am, the sun appears in the east with orange-red light lying on the deep blue seawater, creating an ideal picture to capture. The beginning of a new day is exceptionally brilliant.

Have you ever stood in front of the sea at dawn, feeling serene with the first rays of sunlight on your skin, spotting around young and old people practicing Yoga or doing warm-up movements?

Hanh Trinh Thu Gian Cung Yoga 02

Training on the beach, breathing the fresh air as the sun is rising up from the horizon, the Da Nang beach will be an ideal place for you to “chill” in the early morning. Along with the beautiful sea scenery, fresh nature, soft sand, blue sea, quiet waves, you will easily be energized to start a wonderful new day.

Da Nang beach this season is extraordinarily gorgeous, there is no surprise why people voted this place as one of the most beautiful beaches on the planet, the gentle winds blowing gently. The smell of the sea fading with the sunshine while the symbolism of this central land hold people back with attachment and excitement. If you have the opportunity to visit Da Nang this season, make sure you will not miss the beautiful beaches here.

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