Opening of DIFF 2023: The confrontation between the host and the current champion

Khai Mac Diff 2023 Cuoc Cham Tran Giua Chu Nha Va Duong Kiem Vo Dich

Team Da Nang (Vietnam) “debuted” in the first season of DIFF 2008. Although still quite young, the representative of Vietnam also has marks on the map of international fireworks competitions such as the first prize of the GlobalFest Fireworks Festival. – Alberta, Canada (2014), second prize at Honda Light Festival – Vancouver, Canada (2012)…

Program (expected) opening night of Danang International Fireworks Festival:

  • 19:30: Introducing the program and opening art
  • 19:42: Introducing delegates
  • 20:00 Introducing DIFF through the seasons
  • 20:12 Art show
  • 20:35 Vietnamese team performs
  • 20:55 Art show
  • 21:19 Team Finland performs
  • 21:40 End

Khai Mac Diff 2023 Cuoc Cham Tran Giua Chu Nha Va Duong Kiem Vo Dich

With the inspiration of “The Sound of Peace”, Da Nang team wants to bring uplifting emotions, full of love to connect all audiences, is harmony and respect for the diverse cultural values of all people. nation through the art of fireworks.

Only established 4 years earlier than the Da Nang team, but the defending champion of DIFF 2019 – Team Joho Pyro AB (Finland) is the biggest competitor this year, because of a series of impressive first prizes at the Fireworks Festival. flower Zagreb – Croatia (2017), D’art Fireworks Festival – Cannes, France (2016)…

Combining rock music with a variety of fireworks, the Finnish team’s “Start My Heart” performance will recall the resilient yet intense moments of the struggle and return to life.” normal” post-pandemic.

Teams Vietnam and Finland will meet on the opening night of DIFF (June 2) with the theme “Peace for mankind.” Although the tickets are temporarily sold out on the website, you still have a chance to own the last tickets. from official DIFF dealers.

According to diff.vn

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