Update on the case under suveilliance of Corona virus in Danang city at 8am on 6th Feb.

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Update on the case under suveilliance of Corona virus in Danang city at 8am on 6th Feb.

*From 13h30 on 5th Feb to 8h00 on 6th Feb, Danang city has recognized another 15 cases under observation of Corona virus (including 2 Unkranian and 1 Taiwanese)
*68 NEGATIVE cases for Cornora virus

– There are 68 case NEGATIVE for Corona virus
– There is NO positive case for Corona virus
– Currently, all cases montitored were healthy and have been recovering well.
– 58 oupatient-treatment cases are all healthy.

– On 5th Feb, The Center for Disease Control of the City has supervised 125 aircraft, 02 ships with 7,059 foreign visitors entering the city, detected 01 case of infectious disease and transferred to Lung Hospital; 02 cases of passengers with signs of mild fever, not from the epidemic area, are monitoring in the community.

– Up to now, the district health centers have sprayed Chloramin B chemical to disinfect the environment to prevent acute respiratory infections caused by new strains of Corona virus at 540 schools, 62 markets, Central Bus Station and 263 other facilities in the city and will continue to spray at the remaining units.

Regarding a Chinese patient “fleeing” at Da Nang Hospital, according to a quick report from Da Nang Hospital, patient Zhang Shun Yu (female, 1988, Chinese nationality) was admitted to the Hospital Da Nang hospital at 21:52 on 21/01/2020 when she showed signs of fever. The patient traveled from Wuhan, China. Before arriving Danang Hospital, she admitted to have fever, fatigue and did not recover after self-treatment.

After clinical examination, the patient was conscious and gave correct answers. Personal and family history of patients were all healthy.

After examination, according to the doctors at Da Nang Hospital, although the patient did not have any unusual symptoms, still due to the patient’s fever and her travel history from an endemic area, the hospital staff directly contacted with her all wore anti-epidemic costumes. Hospial staff have contacted the Tropical Medicine Department to prepare for admission and follow-up isolation. However, while the procedures had being completed, the patient left. The hospital staff and security had tried but there was no way to contact the patient.

Afterwards, Danang Hospital has reported to Department of Health while requesting support from other departments to investigate the itniterary and location of patient Zhang Shun Yu.

On 22nd Jan 2020, after cross investigation, Center for Disease Control identified that patient Zhang Shun Yu has left Danang Internationl airport and took flight back Zhengzhou (China) on the flight CZ 8368 (China Southern Airlines) flight at 16:38 on January 22 without having a fever.

Thus, up to now, patient Zhang Shun Yu has exited Vietnam at Da Nang International Airport for more than 15 days.

Department of Health informs the people and visitors the case of the above-mentioned patients and remind all people to remian active but calm in the prevention and control of acute respiratory infections caused by nCov.

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