Stop visa exemption with Korean nationals

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Vietnamese government decided to temporarily suspend visa exemption for Korean citizens from 0h00 on 29/2 to prevent Corona epidemic.

At the meeting of the National Steering Committee for Prevention and Control of nCoV (Steering Committee) on the morning of February 28th, Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs To Anh Dung has shared the information. According to Mr. Dung, this is a temporary solution to prevent the epidemic from spreading into Vietnam, protect people’s health, and minimize negative impacts on the economy and society.

From 0h on February 29th, Korean citizens entering Vietnam must have a proper visa issued by Vietnam. All those who flew from Korea or from other departing points but have been in Korea during the past 14 days, when returning to Vietnam will be under medical isolation.

Korean citizens coming to Vietnam to work must have a confirmation from the representative of the enterprise or an organization and binding responsibilities.

The representative of the Ministry of Transport also said that in recent days, the number of flights between Vietnam and South Korea has dropped sharply, due to few passengers. Many domestic airlines are considering to suspend flights until there is a new development …

The Steering Committee also agreed to require localities to provide medical isolation of 14 days to Iranian and Italian citizens entering Vietnam. Flights from epidemic areas should organize reception of suspected cases of nCoV infection at the foot of aircraft stairs, bringing them to isolated places, then screening and classification to take appropriate measures.

Local authorities closely monitor those suspected of infection in isolation in the community.

Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam (Head of the Steering Committee) suggested that functional forces closely control border and migrants, apply drastic preventive measures in order to detect early, isolate and localize thorough epidemics.

Currently, Vietnam has not had any new case of infection, but must be ready to cope with the epidemic spread to the community as warned by the World Health Organization (WHO). “Our understanding of corona virus is very different from before. We are more proactive but absolutely cannot be subjective,” the Deputy Prime Minister said.

He directed localities with international airports to be the focal points to receive Vietnamese people from the epidemic areas to return home. Military regions and related provinces must have close coordination in receiving and organizing health isolation.

The concentrated isolation ensures two principles: Absolutely safe for epidemiological hygiene; Categorize isolation cases according to different risks of infection to take appropriate, non-rigid measures …

The Ministry of Public Security shall immediately notify localities of cases of Vietnamese citizens returning home, coordinate with families to identify their identities, based on which there are solutions for screening and supervision.

The Steering Committee agreed to seek the Government’s opinion to raise a warning level to prevent epidemics.

By February 28th, the world had more than 83,300 people infected with the corona virus and 2,858 case of fatality. Countries with high number of infected people are China, South Korea, Japan, Italy and Iran.

In Vietnam, there are 79 people suspected of corona virus infection in isolation, 4,939 being close contacts or having entered from the epidemic area under health monitoring.

According to: vnexpress.net

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