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Da Nang City Brand Guidelines
The design files(LOGO.ai)


The main creation idea is the stylization of 2 letters D and N, first letters of Da Nang. The logo’s parts are created by sturdily rising lines and lively colors to represent the idea of the variety and young vitality of Danang.

To increase the visual efficiency, logo is embossed with split lines. The embossment can be clearly perceived at a distance observation. Clear-cut features in the creation confirm the idea of the strong development of Danang.

Logo Du Lịch Đà Nẵng
Danang Tourism Logo & Slogan

5 parts in logo represent for 5 mountains of Marble Mountains. As a famous landscape, Marble Mountains deserves one of the most meaningful symbols for Danang tourism.

Có thể bạn thích?

5 parts with 5 bright colors showcase the young, dynamic city. Each color represents one feature of Danang tourism. Green symbolizes for the purity and the natural diversity. Yellow and orange show the tropical sunlight sparkling on waves, on sand. Red and purple mean the beauty of enthusiasm and friendliness of Danang people. And blue arouse the image of “one of the most luxurious beaches in the world”… The gracefulness of logo’s forming and color is based on the steady platform that is DANANG and slogan “Fantasticity!” to make the perfect whole.

Besides obvious meanings, the logo form arouses the image of sails fill with wind. Not only do sails heading for the sea represent a picturesque coastal city, but they also symbolize the young vitality and the strong will of development. That is about Danang in my perception: young, dynamic and blooming.

Overall, the combination of color parts makes a blossom that represents a charming Danang, an auspicious Danang. This is also a blossom opening in hearts of tourists when they come to Danang. Danang is neither a heritage destination like Hue, Quang Nam nor a vibrant, bustling tourist city like Nha Trang but with the sustainable development strategy, the city is building up values of the diversity, the friendliness, the association with heritages, the preservation and consolidation of tradition, the improvement of living standards…

I have read an article introducing that Danang people seem not know how to marketing for tourism. If you ask Danang people what special things Danang has, they may hesitate to give you answer but they can take care of your journey, let you experience and feel on your own. Therefore, good feelings about Danang naturally sprout in your heart. What are my good feelings? Well, they are…

Charming smiles of visitor supporting team, of tourism pedicab riders are very typical for the friendliness of Danang. Modern, unique bridges reveal the dynamic development of Danang. White sandy beaches full of sunshine and undiscorvered virgin forests paint the gorgeous natural picture. Scattered traditional villages which await to be recovered recall the cultural beauty of Quang Da area … Each part, each color, each beauty felt by tourists when they visit Danang opens a petal of  sympathetic flower that would be blooming in their heart once they completely feel Danang’s beauties. Tourists have to utter a compliment “FantastiCity!” or “Fantastic City!”.

Slogan “FantastiCity!” is the combination of “Fantastic” and “City”. Because having “C” in common, 2 words are joined together to become 1 strange and interesting word that sounds like a noun. The slogan is easily understandable. With an exclamation mark at the end, the slogan “FantastiCity!” is a compliment from satisfied and happy tourists. Slogan “FantastiCity!” represents the philosophy of Danang tourism: The satisfaction and happiness of tourists for their discovery and experience in the fantastic city.

Đoàn Hải Tú – Chi Giao

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