Lotte Mart

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06 Nai Nam Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
Open time: Every day
Visit duration: 01h:00
Price: 01 USD

Why is Lotte Mart special ?

Lotte Mart is biggest shopping center in Da Nang and Lotte Mart’s 4th shopping center in Viet Nam. Build in modern style, Lotte is suitable for shopping habit and entertainment.

What to explore at Lotte Mart?

Lotte Mart is biggest shopping center in Da Nang and Lotte Mart’s 4th shopping center in Viet Nam. Lotte Mart was build in modern style, which is suitable for shopping habit and entertainment. This is one of the big one-stop shopping mall that can satisfy the demand of shopping, family outing activities, entertainment for customers of all ages.

The name “LOTTE” is inspired by the novel “The Sorrows of Werther”. “Lotte” desires to become an enterprise receiving the love, trust of people like the main character in the story, the Charlotte beautiful and talented. With 24.000m square, OTTE Mart Danang is a commercial business center with high-end entertainment to meet the shopping needs of the customer. Customers can spend their time on the big direct sale areas and many kinds of restaurants, coffee shops, spaces for entertaining ( bowling, roller skating..), or cinemas with famous brands: Lotteria, Paris Baguette, Coca Express, Lotte Cinema.

How to get to Lotte Mart?

Lotte Mart can serve with over 20,000 kinds of product which are mostly high quality Vietnamese origin and in reasonable prices.

Level 1 includes fast-food restaurant Lotteria, Jollibee, a Paris baguette bread and especially the electronics center of famous brands Samsung Galaxy.

Level 2 focuses on cosmetics, jewelry, shoes, couture clothes with famous brands at home and abroad, such as Levi’s, Nike, Magoza, Debor, Sense, Josephi, The Face Shop, Bitas, Sun Flower and especially Fahasa bookstores.

Level 3 is the supermarket for all cosmetic items, stationery , fashion, household electrical goods diversity gives customers more choices.

Level 4 is the supermarket of food concentrate all products with brand famous with reputable and top quality in Vietnam from suppliers ACE COOK, Vissan, VINAMILK, Dutch Lady, Vinamit

Asia’s most popular product from Korean, Japanese, Chinese are also sold here. In particular, the fresh food items are carefully selected before entering the supermarket. LOTTE Mart always make stringent standards of hygiene and food safety to ensure the health of the community.

Level 5 is the dining area with many unique flavors as Pizza, Lau 1h, 300 Rice, Hue specialty, etc. 5th floor is also home to serve the needs of entertainment for customers. PLAY TIME area is particularly appealing to children with the true entertainment extravaganza, splendid lot of games for the kids unleash fun while shopping with her parents. Also, at LOTTE Mart Danang skating and bowling also has special areas for young people fun and entertainment on the weekends.


New and impressive, has a large range of good

Good value cheap supermarket

A great selection of foods in huge supermarket

Clean, air-conditioned and useful

Great variety of product

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