Indochina Riverside Mall

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74 Bach Dang Street, Hai Chau District, Da Nang City
Open time: Every day
Visit duration: 01h:00
Price: 01 USD

Why is Indochina Riverside Towers special ?

Indochina Riverside Mall is located in the heart of Danang with truly remarkable views of the Han River between both the Han Bridge and Dragon bridge. With three floors of premier outlets Indochina Riverside Mall introduces premium brands for shopping, café, games and a unique dining experience along the banks of the Han River.

Finest shopping and dining mall in Da Nang, with:

Convenient location and accessibility located in the heart of Danang City

Variety of fashion brands, cosmetics …

An ideal shopping destination with amusement and dining areas at the second floor with Pump Games and 500-seat Food court

What to explore at Indochina Riverside Towers?

Tenant Mix of Indochina Riverside Mall:

– Ground:

   Café & Ice – cream

   IT and Mobile phone products

   Men’s Fashion & accessories

   Bank – ATM


   Watches & Eyewear Products

   Luggage, Leather shoes & Handbags


– Level 1:

   Casual Fashion

   I-phone, I-pad and mobile phone accessories

   Skin Care Clinic

   Luggage & Handbags

   Bedding items



– Level 2:

Food & Beverage

The Food Court at the Indochina Riverside Mall is the first modern river-view food court in Danang City. With 500 seats and 14 kiosks, providing a wide variety of famous cuisine of Vietnam, Thai, Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Western dishes as well as a wide range of drinks.

By using prepaid cards, customers will experience the fastest and most convenient way of dining in an impressive interior with stunning views along the Han River.

With competitive prices for each dish in the Food Court, we are able to provide a unique dining experience for all!


One Person Hotpot

Different kinds of hotpot – Price from 45.000 ~ 69.000 VND each.

Different kinds of Seafood (Grill/ Steam/ Fry/ Simmer…)

Price from 40.000 ~ 70.000 VND

Domi Cream

All kinds of fresh fruit juice/ smoothie/ sweet soup… Kinds of Tea / Ice Cream/ Coffee and other snacks..

Price from 15.000VND

Domi Fruit

All kinds of fresh fruit juice/ smoothie/ sweet soup… Kinds of Tea / Ice Cream/ Coffee and other snacks..

Price from 15.000VND

 HQ Thai’s Food

Imperial Hue

Specialize in specialty from The Central of Vietnam (Rice cakes/ Steamed roll rice pancake/ Rice with baby clam…)

Price from 20.000VND

Hà Nội Specialized

Phú Gia Rice

Vietnamese Rice – Individual dish/ Family portion (Especially for Office Lunch/Dinner) – Price from 25.000VND

Other kinds of snack dished (Rice Spaghetti, stir Vermicelli, fried fish skewers…) – Price from 15.000VND


Specialize in japanese foods as: oknomiyaki, buta nabe, sozyu ramen, kinoko nabe, gyu nabe…

Price from 40.000VND

Hương Ký

Specialize in Chicken & duck ( Boiled/ Roasted/ Simmered/ Mixed/ Fried….)

Price from 30.000VND


Kimbap/ Noodle/ Hotpot/ Mixed rice/ Soju wine/ Cinnamon Juice

The price is flexible from 40.000~150.000VND

   Specialty Toys

Herbal bags, Candles & Fragrance

Game center & Children’s playground

Open from 9 am to 9:30 pm seven days a week, the Indochina Riverside Mall is considered the focal point of retail and night time activity in the dynamically growing coastal city of Danang.

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