Han Market

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119 Tran Phu street, Da Nang city
Open time: Every day
Visit duration: 01h:00
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Han market, the most important trading point of Da Nang City, is popular among local and tourist alike. From a small trading place born during the French domination, Han market has gradually developed into a big one thanks to being situated on convenient road and sea traffic. Named after the Han River, the market came into operation in 1940s and was rebuilt in 1989 with a completely new look. The beautiful two-floored design and tidy arrangement of commodities help people feel comfortable when going to the market. Han market is famous for various goods including fabric, clothes, footwear, fresh fruits and flowers, especially special fish sauce typical for local people’s dishes. The market is not only known for abundance of commodities but for the reasonable prices of items also. It is truly a good place for shopping among more than 50 markets in Da Nang City. 

What to explore at Han Market?

Han market is ideal for those looking for some Danang’s souvenirs before heading home. If you are flying overseas after, you may take limited dried food with you but if you have more time to spare in Vietnam, stock up on fresh fruits and local snacks. Some specialties that can be found in Han market include: Ly Son garlic, Chili paste, dried rice crackers, dried squids. At the front of the market are fruit stalls, abundant with tropical option from bananas to jackfruits. In addition to the variety of choices, Han Market also attracts a lot of people by its relatively low prices because it functions as the center where goods are gathered before being distributed to smaller markets in the province.

How to get to Han Market?

Han market located in the center of the city among 4 streets: Tran Phu St, Bach Dang St, Hung Vuong St, Tran Hung Dao St. One can easily reach Han market by taxi or motor taxi. If you stay at one of the beach resort on Danang coast, a trip to Han market would cost $5/one way by taxi.


Nice typical market

Fun and Cheap

Close to centre of Da Nang

Culture Immersion

Market for food, clothes and shoes

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